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Who Watches the Watchmen? A Review of Subjective Approaches for Sybil-resistance in Proof of Personhood Protocols


santi.eth 🐋👽: paper on proof of personhood is out there. very proud to have contributed to this effort. pre-print here:

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santi.eth 🐋👽: 100+ retweets and 100k+ impressions of the tweet. usually the stuff i care about doesn’t get the attention i’d like. this is not the case, we are striking a chord and the time to advance further on proof of personhood is here. global democracy and universal income require it.

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Divya Siddarth: read our work on arXiv! identity is one of our most fundamental human attributes - and yet, it's being commodified & centralized. subjective PoP approaches are crucial in countering this, and in building towards post-capitalist & democratic governance. @santisiri @_paulaberman

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RadicalxChange: 📑 Excellent paper on decentralized identity protocols written by @divyasiddarth, @_paulaberman, @santisiri, and Sergey Ivliev >>>

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Divya Siddarth: read our article @CoinDesk and get excited about subjective, intersectional, human-centered identity. let's move from AI realism + surveillance capitalism to collective, democratic sociotechnical systems! more on this: @_paulaberman @santisiri + sergey

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paula berman: So happy to be sharing this review! Our goal in writing this is to shed more light into Proof of Personhood protocols, and hopefully drive more attention, innovation and investments into this amazing ecosystem. 💜

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Marina Spindler: Research includes protocols like @IdenaNetwork, @Kleros_io, @DemocracyEarth, @TheUpala, @BrightIDProject among others.

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Federico Ast: Cool paper by our friends at @DemocracyEarth with a review of different protocols on Proof of Personhood! Great job! 👏👏👏🚀

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BrightID🔆: Happy to see the paper on sybil resistance in proof-of-personhood from @_paulaberman, @santisiri Sergey Ivliev, Divya Siddarth getting some views on hackernews!

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Anondran: Nice article on various Proof of Person protocols.

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🟢: Enjoyed being part of this seminal panel today. Link to the paper on Proof of Personhood here HT @_paulaberman @divyasiddarth @cadamstallard @clesaege @PrivacyGeorge

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an end: this is a must read.

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David Strayhorn: Proof of personhood - one of the most important unsolved problems in the cypherpunk world

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Tim Bouma🇨🇦🆔: I've encountered an intriguing premise that we are dealing with the emergence of "monopoly of identity. " First, a sentence from the conclusion of this paper:

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Kristina @ identity nerd: "Edward Snowden, one of the most prominent activists for the end of surveillance practices in the world, recently warned during a videoconference at the 2019 Web3 Summit in Berlin: “The one vulnerability being exploited across all systems is Identity.""

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ΞWoki; Aligner of Public/Private Good Incentives: This "proof of personhood" paper by @democracyearth is LEET! Seriously, this is a trail map for anyone building anti-sybil systems. I may even use it as a sybil-protection roadmap for rounds 8 - 18!

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Bryan Ford: This nice preprint by @divyasiddarth @santisiri @_paulaberman reviews some of approaches to proof-of-personhood being explored in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and self-sovereign identity communities.

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BrightID🔆: Thanks to @santisiri @_paulaberman @divyasiddarth and Sergey Ivliev for this survey of proof-of-unique-person approaches.

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🟢: Proof of Personhood is the most important unsolved problem on the web. Thank you @_paulaberman @divyasiddarth for making this concept easy to understand Check out their seminal paper on PoP where @nomqadotcom gets a little mention

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Master: @mariehjohnson @trbouma @ntouk Why having another "identity solution"? "Proof of personhood" is the paradigm shift for the digital democracy

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🟢: @niloufar_s Digital identity, esp. a robust system to protect against sock puppetry on the social web, and sybil attacks in distributed networks, that—importantly—is also privacy preserving. It's a critical issue that remains unsolved for. But there is some progress

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Christopher Allen: @VinayTaylor @resilience_me @w3c @w3c_ccg @RWoTEvents Another similar paper is “Who Watches the Watchmen? A Review of Subjective Approaches for Sybil-resistance in Proof of Personhood Protocols”

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Venus Black: Good to see @santisiri hard at work on Sybil resistant protocols. This is an important tool to have for any democratic governance system. #younowcommunity

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Wong Joon Ian: Dang, this is a great summary of identity and therefore governance approaches on the internet and on blockchains by @santisiri and co

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santi.eth: most relevant output we contributed to on 2020 so far:

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PDF content of a computer science paper: Who Watches the Watchmen? A Review of Subjective Approaches for Sybil-resistance in Proof of Personhood Protocols