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Vintage Factor Analysis with Varimax Performs Statistical Inference


Karl Rohe: New paper! For the last century, we’ve misunderstood something fundamental about unsupervised learning. This paper fixes it. 🧵

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Karl Rohe: Varimax with PCA has so many secrets Muzhe Zeng (@muzheZ) and I found a big one in our recent paper In this thread, I want to describe some more varimax secrets that we use to analyze data in my lab

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Peter Ralph: Use PCA? Check this out.

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Karl Rohe: We show how sparsity resolves the rotational invariance of factor analysis. It gets better. We show that PCA + Varimax estimates a huge class of "semi-parametric" models: SBMs, topic models, NMF, ICA, etc Filling seminar slots? I’d love zooming to you

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alex hayes: very cool new work from my lab!

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alex peysakhovich 🤖: This is awesome. Varimax (and other "interpretability maximizing" rotations) are such an important but underrated topic in modern ML.

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Dixie Leonard Appreciation Society: This is a really cool paper!

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Dr. Max Halupka 🏳️‍🌈: Ftw

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Karl Rohe: One of the biggest secrets of PCA is that if you have "radial streaks" in your components, then you should try rotating with varimax. here is a thread on a paper that describes this.

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PDF content of a computer science paper: Vintage Factor Analysis with Varimax Performs Statistical Inference