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Unsupervised Cross-lingual Representation Learning at Scale


Nov 07 2019 Alexis Conneau

Our new paper: Unsupervised Cross-lingual Representation Learning at Scale We release XLM-R, a Transformer MLM trained in 100 langs on 2.5 TB of text data. Double digit gains on XLU benchmarks + strong per-language performance (~XLNet on GLUE). [1/6]
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Nov 09 2019 Yann LeCun

XLM-R: Amazing results on XLU and GLUE benchmarks from Facebook AI: large transformer network trained on 2.5TB of text from 100 languages.
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Nov 07 2019 Guillaume Lample

XLM-R, the large scale version of XLM. Super impressive results. A single model trained on 2.5TB of data handles 100 languages, and outperforms mBERT by more than 10% on several classification benchmarks, with up to 21% accuracy on low-resource languages like Swahili and Urdu.
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Nov 07 2019 Thomas Wolf

Nice work by @alex_conneau @kakemeister and co. on pretraining multilingual language models to overcome the curse of multilinguality. Pretty impressive to see the resulting 100-languages model challenge strong English-only models like XLNet & RoBERTa 👇
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Nov 07 2019 Kartikay Khandelwal

Really excited to share new work! XLM-R: A multilingual model in 100 languages, trained on 2TB of data! SOTA on cross-lingual benchmarks AND competitive with monolingual models on GLUE! We also explore how to effectively train these models! My first first author NLP paper! :)
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Nov 08 2019 Ves Stoyanov

We released XLM-R (XLM-Roberta) it achieves new state of the art results on cross-lingual NLI, QA and NER. I am particularly excited about the huge improvement on low-resource languages.
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Nov 08 2019 Roee Aharoni

Very happy to see more massively-multilingual work coming out. The world needs more non-English NLP!
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Nov 07 2019 Myle Ott

Now available in fairseq:
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Nov 19 2019 CeShine 😷

They found that applying a Sentence Piece model on raw text data for all languages is enough. No need for extra tokenization steps.
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Nov 07 2019 roadrunner01

Unsupervised Cross-lingual Representation Learning at Scale pdf: abs:
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Feb 13 2020 Dennis Aumiller

@anwagnerdreas @DanHLawReporter @seb_ruder @christof77 @stanfordnlp @TDataScience @LDKconference @huggingface According to the paper (Table 6,, it was trained on 350M latin tokens. Also the disclaimer that multi-lingual models tend to trade optimal performance in a single language for the multi-lingual capabilities, so re-training might be slightly better.
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Nov 06 2019 Stefan

XLM-RoBERTa is out 😍 Thanks to the fairseq-team 🤗 #nlp
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Nov 07 2019 Stefan

"Unsupervised Cross-lingual Representation Learning at Scale" is out now:
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Nov 07 2019 Kartikay Khandelwal

You can find the paper here:
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