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Training Language GANs from Scratch


May 27 2019 hardmaru

Training Language GANs from Scratch Latest work that attempts to train a language model entirely using GAN discriminator's loss function rather than maximum likelihood loss. Large population batch size and dense reward signal make REINFORCE less unhappy.
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May 27 2019 William Fedus

Something near and dear to my heart, text GANs from scratch. de Masson d'Autume et al. (2019) show that by using a dense reward structure as in MaskGAN, discriminator regularization and larger batch sizes to reduce variance that comparable performance to MLE can be achieved.
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May 27 2019 roadrunner01

Training Language GANs from Scratch pdf: abs:
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May 31 2019 Sasha Rush

Mihaela notes that they are getting a lot better at training RL-based Text GANs with all the latest GAN tricks:
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May 28 2019 arxiv

Training language GANs from Scratch.
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Jun 16 2019 Andriy Burkov

We show it is in fact possible to train a language GAN from scratch -- without maximum likelihood pre-training. We combine existing techniques such as large batch sizes, dense rewards and discriminator regularization to stabilize and improve language GANs
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May 28 2019 BLACKSTEM Global💡🔬🌼

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