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Towards a Human-like Open-Domain Chatbot


Jan 28 2020 Quoc Le

New paper: Towards a Human-like Open-Domain Chatbot. Key takeaways: 1. "Perplexity is all a chatbot needs" ;) 2. We're getting closer to a high-quality chatbot that can chat about anything Paper: Blog:
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Jan 28 2020 Google AI

Check out Meena, a new state-of-the-art open-domain conversational agent, released along with a new evaluation metric, the Sensibleness and Specificity Average, which captures basic, but important attributes for normal conversation. Learn more below!
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Jan 29 2020 Kyle McDonald

um.. google's latest chatbot is 😳
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Jan 29 2020 Jeremy Howard

Amazing work. PS: we're all so screwed.
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Jan 28 2020 Thang Luong

Introducing #MeenaBot, a 2.6B-param open-domain chatbot with near-human quality. Remarkably, we show strong correlation between perplexity & humanlikeness! Paper: Sample conversations:
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Jan 28 2020 Oriol Vinyals

seq2seq still delivers : ) Incredible how far we've gotten in ~5 years of progress in neural conversational models, with relatively small changes. More exciting is that there's still LOTS to be done! Paper: Blog:
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Jan 28 2020 Daniel Adiwardana

Enabling people to converse with chatbots about anything has been a passion of a lifetime for me, and I'm sure of others as well. So I'm very thankful to be able to finally share our results with you all. Hopefully, this will help inform efforts in the area. (1/4)
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Jan 29 2020 Matthew Kenney 😂😂 this had me in stitches
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Jan 30 2020 Tim Hwang

👀 "We were unable to find this in the data"
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Feb 03 2020 Dan Nguyen

didn't anticipate the dad joke industry would be first victim of automation
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Jan 29 2020 Erik Brynjolfsson

Impressive work by @GoogleAI. Chatbots like Meena are increasingly able to provide sensible and specific responses. It will be harder and harder to tell whether we are talking to another human or a machine. HT: @jeremyphoward #AI #MachineLearning #2MA #chatbot #Election2020
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Jan 29 2020 Quoc Le

@xpearhead @lmthang My favorite conversation is below. The Hayvard pun was funny but I totally missed the steer joke at the end until it was pointed out today by @Blonkhart
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Jan 29 2020 Μatthew Alampay Davis

Google's new chatbot has developed an avant-garde sense of humor that its creators mistakenly believe is a bug
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Jan 28 2020 Quoc Le

@xpearhead @lmthang You can find some sample conversations with the bot here:
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Jan 30 2020 ΜΔDΞRΔS

#CyberpunkisNow "Meena" is a chatbot Google says conducts near human-level conversation. "SSA" is a Google metric to grade a chatbot's capacity for conversation/judgement vs an average human: Avg Human 86% SSA Other Chatbots 31% to 56% SSA Meena 79% SSA
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Jan 28 2020 Aran Komatsuzaki

Towards a Human-like Open-Domain Chatbot: Near-human level open-domain chatbot is achieved with a Transformer LM with 2.6B parameters. Notably, they showed there's a strong correlation between ppl and human-likeness.
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Jan 29 2020 Trieu H. Trinh

Had the chance to sit next to Daniel @xpearhead in the early days of the project and tried out the interactive Meena. It has always been *this* surprising and funny :) BIG Congrats to the team with this publication. The possibilities to build up from here is endless.
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Feb 03 2020 davidberreby

'Do horses go to Harvard?' a human asked a neural net. 'Horses go to HAYvard' it replied. h/t @jackclarkSF, who reports Google is wary for now of releasing code for a bot this good at sounding human. (Other firms have been similarly cautious)
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Feb 05 2020 Jason Wu

[Towards a Human-like Open-Domain Chatbot] "We trained our best model for 30 days on a TPUv3 Pod (2,048 TPU cores) on the Meena dataset containing 40B words." This is not institution-anonymous... LOL
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Jan 29 2020 Jelle Zuidema

Impressive looking example conversations and numbers from Google AI's new chatbot Meena. Uses the Evolved Transformer, lots of parameters, lots of data, distillation and good old perplexity as the objective.
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Jan 29 2020 Dat Tran

Pretty impressive! Google AI just released Meena, a 2.6bn parameter neural-network chatbot that is able to conduct human-like conversations. Very interesting results and paper. Check it out! 📝 Paper:
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Feb 03 2020 Rose Eveleth ▷▷

okay but this is actually a really funny joke?
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Jan 30 2020 Delaney Hall

I love a good multi-turn joke in an open-domain setting
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Jan 30 2020 Şerife (Sherry) Wong

Holy guacamole Batman this chatbot is outstanding in its field.
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Jan 29 2020 Connor Leahy

Oh boy
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Jan 31 2020 BioDecoded

Towards a Conversational Agent that Can Chat About…Anything | Google AI Blog #NLP #chatbot
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Jan 28 2020 Edward Dixon

A stunning #NLP paper from @GoogleAI on a chatbot that manages a pretty neat joke that really does seem to be original (see below, "Horses go to Hayvard").
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Jan 29 2020 Marcus Borba

New paper: Towards a Human-like Open-Domain #Chatbot. Key takeaways: 1. "Perplexity is all a chatbot needs" ;) 2. We're getting closer to a high-quality chatbot that can chat about anything Paper: Blog: via @quocleix #ML #AI
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Jan 29 2020 Victor Dibia

New results from Google on open domain chat bots
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Jan 29 2020 Ashwin Ram

Making progress towards human-like open-domain Conversational #AI that can chat about anything, along with a new evaluation metric that captures key elements of good conversation. Nice work by @quocleix and team at @GoogleAI. Paper available on @arXiv.
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Jan 29 2020 M.O. Gewaltig

The race of brute-force conversation bots continues...
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Jan 29 2020 Radamés Ajna

this is getting interesting
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Jan 30 2020 Gerardo Montoya aka Rénròu Sōusuǒ

86% vs 79% #SujetosHíbridos
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Jan 29 2020 _n ⚔️

Suddenly thousands of dads are like "shit we gotta up our joke game"
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Jan 30 2020 Carl Carrie

Say hello to Mena "Meena was trained on a whopping 341 gigabytes of public social-media chatter"
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Jan 29 2020 Ward Plunet

Seems to be a jump forward in terms of human like conversations/chats.
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Jan 29 2020 RainbowSecret

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Jan 29 2020 Joshua Baker

Comedians, Google’s chatbots are coming for you
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Jan 29 2020 Moja Afroughi

Great work!
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Jan 28 2020 arXiv CS-CL

Towards a Human-like Open-Domain Chatbot
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Feb 04 2020 Manish Chablani

Great insight from recent google paper on chatbots: "Meena has a single Evolved Transformer encoder block and 13 decoder blocks. We discovered that a more powerful decoder was the key to higher conversational quality."
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Jan 29 2020 Epsilon Guanlin Lee

Wow, wonder how this compare to XiaoIce from MSRA @znculee
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Jan 30 2020 Dr.Sultan Al-Yahyai

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Jan 29 2020 Raphaël Millière

New from @GoogleAI: "Towards a Human-like Open-Domain Chatbot" Sample conversations are really impressive (although cherry-picked).
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