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TorchBeast: A PyTorch Platform for Distributed RL


Oct 09 2019 Edward Grefenstette

Announcing TorchBeast, an IMPALA-inspired @pytorch platform for distributed RL research. Used in a growing number of projects here at @facebookai. Project lead by Heinrich Küttler, with major effort by @nntsn et al. Paper: Code:
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Oct 09 2019 Tim Rocktäschel

Great starting point for PyTorch Reinforcement Learning projects and fantastic effort by Heinrich Küttler & @nntsn for reproducible RL research! "Why PyTorch?" you might ask. I always like to refer to @karpathy's Tweet:
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Dec 31 2019 Edward Grefenstette

@facebookai @jelennal_ @CompSciOxford To help research using SOTA distributed RL, in work from @facebookai lead by Heinrich Küttler, we released TorchBeast, a @PyTorch platform for distributed RL (11/16)
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Oct 09 2019 Animesh Garg

torchbeast: looks like an interesting entry in the list of open-source RL frameworks
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Oct 09 2019 /r/ML Popular

[R] TorchBeast: A PyTorch Platform for Distributed RL
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