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The world as a neural network


David Masad: 18th century: The universe is clockwork 19th century: The universe is a factory 20th century: The universe is a computer 21st century:

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Delip Rao: arXiv: "The World as a Neural Network -- We discuss a possibility that the entire universe on its most fundamental level is a neural network." Me: Yeah, and 2020 is the year of NaNs

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Delip Rao: Maybe it’s fever talk, but I think each of us as a tunnel in an n-dimensional statespace. Reality is all the tunnels intersecting randomly, and what we thought as the our tunnel keeps changing when we intersect another. All disagreements come from attachment to the tunnel begone.

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Neuro Polarbear: Sometimes you can really see the pendulum reaching its maximum point, right before it starts to swing the other way.

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ptigas: next episode: map as territory feat. Baudrillard

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CLaE: arXiv The world as a neural network

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Camilo Gómez: This sounds a lot like the Akashic records (cc: @razibkhan, @ShazCoder, @FinalOverdrive, @mutual_ayyde, @emmibevensee, @rechelon)

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God Bennett: Intriguing paper by professor Vitaly Vanchurin:

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Max Little: Peak deep learning?

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Ryan Metz: This seems like a good way to get a cushy job in Silicon Valley telling billionaires wild stories. Smart!

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