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The Liarโ€™s Walk Detecting Deception with Gait and Gesture


Dec 19 2019 Jack Clark

Q: How is the cultivation of impact-aware, ethical, sensitive research in AI going? A: The Liar's Walk: Detecting Deception with Gait and Gesture
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Dec 19 2019 Ben Collins

This is a really good example of really rich tech dudes creating more ways to profile people and put them in danger through pseudoscience under the guise of helping society. These kinds of things are the real dystopian future threat, not angry sentient robots with bazookas.
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Dec 20 2019 Asher Wolf

Yeah, this is fucking abelist and offensive as hell. My gait is affected by my genetic condition. Assuming how I walk implies anything about my character is utter bullshit
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Dec 19 2019 Reginald Braithwaite

Iโ€™ll wager $50 that implementations of technology like this provide a disproportionate number of false positives for POC and non-Europeans in general.
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Dec 19 2019 Sam Biddle

this kind of "research" is literally dangerous to the extent that it could easily be co-opted by any company that might want to claim a scientific/techological basis for detecting "suspicious behavior" (I personally can't think of any........)
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Dec 19 2019 [cam.]

ahhhhhhhhh junk science.
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Dec 19 2019 Ali Breland

there are decades worth of academics warning us about how technology will reify bias and discrimination and then cloak it in a mask of faux objectivity but there's somehow a bunch of other people who are excited about creating tools that will be used to harass minorities
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Dec 19 2019 #!/usr/bin/bash_the_fash

aw hell yeah I can't wait to get harassed by security or police because my posture is deemed "suspicious" by some algorithm
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Dec 20 2019 LindyMan (99%)

Facial recognition is mostly a smokescreen. The real stuff is in gait. Been talking about this for years. Lindy.
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Dec 19 2019 Fรฉintist

Bruh I got scoliosis
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Dec 19 2019 the facebook hater

This is so stupid
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Dec 19 2019 Ken Norton

Looking forward to being detained for twelve hours at an airport because you tweaked your back playing hoops?
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Dec 23 2019 Evil Forces Balding

Interesting paper and notes. Think about this: AI is trying to figure out if you are lying by how you walk
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Dec 23 2019 Gillian Hadfield

Good catch by @jackclarkSF.The weakness of research design in AI is a real problem--too many folks *believe* AI results uncritically.Machine trained to detect deceptive gaits of students ASKED to walk around "deceptively". Oy. Would never make it past social science referees
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Dec 19 2019 hilbert's infinite airbnb

very interested in exactly how bad the performance of this model turns out in future work given that the methods here involved explicitly telling people to be inconspicuous as they picked up a wad of cash & interacted with someone wearing a pulled-up hoodie and sunglasses indoors
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Dec 19 2019 Brian Sonenstein

another good example of how new tech lets prosecutors and police rebrand the very same hokum that they've used for decades to imprison people. it invariably gets pointed out as flawed and made-up in the end, after enormous damage has already been done
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Dec 19 2019 Ethan Zuckerman

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Dec 19 2019 sigfig

should have known not to walk into an airport with those lying hips
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Dec 23 2019 Jack Clark

Ethical responsiveness in AI research: Following significant publicity, the authors of this paper have updated it to 'v2' on arXiv with a richer discussion of limitations. This feels like a more accurate framing of the issues with the approach.
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Dec 19 2019 Kay Whitlock

The new criminalizing blather: data-driven deep neural algorithm for detecting deceptive walking behavior. What could possibly go wrong?
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Dec 19 2019 Wolfie Christl

The ministry of silly AI research proudly presents: A "data-driven deep neural algorithm for detecting deceptive walking behavior using nonverbal cues like gaits and gestures": [via @lukOlejnik]
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Dec 19 2019 Wolfie Christl

Attention! Don't walk beyond the norm #irresponsible #bs
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Dec 19 2019 Lukasz Olejnik

Left: "AI" algorithm infering "criminal behavior" from facial expressions ( Right: "AI" algorithm detection "deception" based on gait (type of walking What's lacking: is it even fair?
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Dec 19 2019 Mike Murphy

is the future going to be like Dune where i have to walk a certain way to not freak out the worms (the worms being the state AI panopticon in this case)
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Dec 19 2019 ๐ŸŒIPM ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿฟโ›„๏ธ๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ•Žโ„

love too measure gait with calipers
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Dec 19 2019 Lindsey Barrett
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Dec 19 2019 Armine Yalnizyan

Thread, also related to #SurveillanceNation Couldn't the gait and gesture of "deceptive" be associated with people who are feeling blue, or lack confidence; and "natural" associated with confidence found in socio/psychopaths? This is garbage technology....with huge consequences.
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Dec 19 2019 Sifu Tweety Fish -= cDc =-

In addition to all the other problems with this โ€” there are many โ€” pose as a feature set for this kind of research is so dumb, and is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of psychology research from decades ago
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Dec 19 2019 James O'Leary

@PaulSkallas gait continues to be latched onto by modern magicians yet mostly unknown to the hoi polloi
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Dec 19 2019 #HandsOffBolivia

Yay! More junkscience for the surveillance state! Don't glance up and to the left while you have a "deceptive gait," or you're off to Gitmo!
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Dec 19 2019 Hugh Handeyside

This is dangerous. The people developing these kinds of tools -- which are of highly questionable validity -- should think carefully about how they will be used and who will be victimized by them.
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Dec 19 2019 Lukasz Olejnik

With all due respect but AI research too often starts to look like a creepy sh*tshow.
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Dec 19 2019 ลžerife (Sherry) Wong

You always have a friend if you have phrenology!
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Dec 19 2019 Governor of Tasteville

can't wait to be tackled by a SWAT team because my stroke causes me to favor my right leg slightly
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Dec 19 2019 Internet Ethics

#ethics #tech #AI #research #highered
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Dec 20 2019 Colin Goltra

From this one image I am just going to assume that AIs are being built to primarily trust confident men
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Dec 19 2019 Bruno Philipe

How many times can shitty people reinvent phrenology?
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Dec 19 2019 ๐ŸŽ… LTG ๐ŸŽ„
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Dec 19 2019 Stroppycow

"ableism, but make it tech" That shit is really getting tiresome. Please hire more diverse staff, preferably at a level where they can be heard when they say "step away from the dangerous project".
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Dec 19 2019 I'm actually at capacity

the ministry of deceptive walks
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Dec 19 2019 Ruth C

Apparently I missed "telling if you are a liar by your walk" ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ’ฉ
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