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The Bach Doodle: approachable music composition with machine learning at scale


Jul 18 2019 Anna Huang

Remember the #BachDoodle? We’re excited to release paper on Behind-the-Scenes design, #ML, scaling it up, and dataset of 21.6M melodies from around the world! 📜 w/ @fjord41 @ada_rob @notwaldorf @bengiswex Leon Hong @jaxcooo
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Jul 18 2019 Douglas Eck

Amazing paper and data on the Bach Doodle by @huangcza, @fjord41, @ada_rob, @notwaldorf, @bengiswex and @jaxcooo. 21.6 Megabachs of melodies.
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Jul 18 2019 Tero Parviainen

That's a lot of music generated: "In three days, people spent 350 years worth of time playing with the Bach Doodle, and Coconet received more than 55 million queries."
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Jul 17 2019 arxiv

The Bach Doodle: Approachable music composition with machine learning at scale.
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Jul 18 2019 Miles Brundage

"The Bach Doodle: Approachable music composition with machine learning at scale," @huangcza et al.:
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Jul 17 2019 Joseph O'Brien Antognini

Google AI resident Anna Huang @huangcza has a really cool paper detailing the ML behind the Bach Google doodle that appeared back in March! They're also releasing the dataset of 20 million melodies that users composed.
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Jul 31 2019 Evan Tobias

How absolutely fantastic is this?!! Check out this paper & get inspired to think about #musiced more broadly - consider connections among music & #CS #STEAM #AI music analysis aural skills & any number of other possibilities #mused
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Jul 18 2019 youngmoo

So cool! Enabling music composition on a massive scale through the Bach Google Doodle and Tensorflow.js. Can’t wait to read this paper! #ISMIR1019 #STEAMedu
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