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Task-Relevant Adversarial Imitation Learning


Oct 03 2019 Ali Eslami

Now for something different! Deep RL + GAN training + CelebA = artificial caricature. Agents learn to draw simplified (artistic?) portraits via trial and error. @ #NeurIPS2019 creativity workshop. Animated paper: PDF: Thread.
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Oct 03 2019 Konrad Żołna

I am fortunate to have interned @DeepMindAI where we extended GAIL to make it work better for robot manipulation tasks. Task-Relevant Adversarial Imitation Learning (TRAIL) robustly learns policies and rewards from pixels Paper Demo
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Oct 06 2019 Nando de Freitas

Two recent works @DeepMindAI on generating embodied behaviour with GANs. and
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Oct 03 2019 Nando de Freitas

The GAN / GAIL idea has started to work for robust off-policy reinforcement learning from pixels. This is now exciting and promising! TRAIL by @konradzolna @scott_e_reed @ziyuwang @SashaVNovikov @serkancabi @notmisha @davidmbudden and Sergio Gomez.
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Oct 03 2019 Scott Reed

New paper w/ @konradzolna: Task-Relevant Adversarial Imitation Learning TL;DR prevent discriminator from distinguishing agent/expert using task-irrelevant information, such as arm appearance or initial prop positions. Paper Demo
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Oct 03 2019 ziyu wang

Our new paper on improving generative adversarial imitation learning with @konradzolna, @scott_e_reed, @SashaVNovikov, and @NandoDF.
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Oct 08 2019 Mike de Waal

Task-Relevant Adversarial Imitation Learning #ArtificialIntelligence #Task #ai via
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