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StyleGAN2 Distillation for Feed-forward Image Manipulation


roadrunner01: StyleGAN2 Distillation for Feed-forward Image Manipulation pdf: abs: github:

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Evgeny Kashin: Tired of waiting for backprop to project your face into StyleGAN latent space to use some funny vector on it? Just distilate this tranformation by pix2pixHD! abs: github:

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hardmaru: Might give @JK_Rowling some ideas for her next novel ...

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Peter Baylies: Nice paper, and I'm not entirely saying that just because they mentioned my StyleGAN encoder repo in it...

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Evgeny Kashin: So happy to share that our paper about high-resolution and fast image manipulation by StyleGAN2 distillation just got accepted by ECCV as poster. pre-print #ECCV2020

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Naomi Saphra: believe me it's messing with my head: I'm a dead ringer for Girl Dan Radcliffe

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Ulugbek S. Kamilov: Wow, very impressive!

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Christian R. Jänsch: A research group from MIPT and Yandex have successfully applied synthesized paired data to boost facial manipulation #AI #StyleGAN2 @evankirstel @data_nerd @baski_LA @jrzaranoid @AshokNellikar @ShiCooks @sallyeaves See also:

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Vladimir Ivashkin: Check out our new paper ☝️🧐

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akira: A study of the conversion of images for age,gender,etc. Using the trained StyleGAN2 and the trained gender age classifier,identify directions of changing age in the latent space of styleGAN,create a paired dataset,and let pix2pix learn the transformation.

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Luna: nobody let JKR see this

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PDF content of a computer science paper: StyleGAN2 Distillation for Feed-forward Image Manipulation