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Structural Equation Modeling using Computation Graphs


May 14 2019 Erik-Jan van Kesteren

New preprint (with @DanielOberski): SEM using Computation Graphs. We introduce a new approach to estimate structural equation models, borrowed from the deep learning literature. It allows for fancy extensions to SEM! 1/4 👇
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Jun 06 2019 Edu Garcia-Garzon

This one is a game changer!! First, computational graphs are not only a useful tool for extending SEM to non-traditional settings (regularization) but also to learn what's going on under the hood 👌👌 . Wish I knew about them before!
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May 15 2019 rogier kievit

Pushing the SEM boat out into new lands - exciting stuff!
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Oct 28 2019 ZPID Psychology

New Video available: @ejvankesteren and @DanielOberski from @UniUtrecht at ZPID: "Structural Equation Models as Computation Graphs". #openscience #statistics #deeplearning #methodology
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May 16 2019 Nathaniel Haines

Looks like an important extension of traditional SEM models!
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