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State of the Art on Neural Rendering


Justus Thies: Our state of the art report on neural rendering is online. #EGEV2020 #NeuralRendering

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roadrunner01: State of the Art on Neural Rendering pdf: abs:

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Vincent Sitzmann: Neural Rendering offers new approaches to computer graphics, inverse graphics, and computer vision. In our state-of-the-art report, we compiled an overview over this emerging field - check it out! #EGEV2020 #NeuralRendering

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Mean Squared Error: State of the Art on Neural Rendering is a report published in Eurographics 2020, featuring an ensemble list of authors who have worked on novel research towards synthesizing graphics with neural networks since ~2015

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David Finsterwalder: DLSS is not a mere upsampler. Its the first commercial neural renderer, which eventually will replace old graphics. If you are a graphics person that doesn't want to be replaced by a machine I recommend this 'State of the art on Neural Rendering' paper:

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NerdTech: One day, in the distant future, you can get the machine to project incredible scenes with mere words. Your imagination, visualized and projected for all to witness. I hope to live long enough to see yet another realm of sci-fi become reality.

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Underfox: In this paper is provided a great survey on of neural rendering, with focus on approaches that combine classic computer graphics techniques with deep generative models to obtain controllable and photo-realistic outputs. #DeepLearning

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Brad Neuberg: “Neural rendering is a new and rapidly emerging field that combines generative machine learning techniques with physical knowledge from computer graphics, e.g., by the integration of differentiable rendering into network training”:

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David Finsterwalder: Everyone in computer graphics not aware of #neuralrendering should have look at the recent paper "State of the Art on Neural Rendering" to get a great overview on the topic: 2/4

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Sean Ryan Fanello: If you are interested in the state-of-art in #NeuralRendering check out our STAR report! This was a very fun collaboration with many great friends and researchers from all over the world! #DeepLearning #ComputerGraphics #Relighting #VolumetricCapture

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Daisuke Okanohara: An excellent survey on neural rendering. Not only the quality of generated images but also the controllability of the generation process are important. Covers many generative models, rendering with learned components, and image/video editing.

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Jamie Shotton: Looking forward to reading this. Such an exciting area.

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PDF content of a computer science paper: State of the Art on Neural Rendering