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Oct 16 2019 Max Jaderberg

Finally, Transformers working for RL! Two simple modifications: move layer-norm and add gating creates GTrXL: an incredibly stable and effective architecture for integrating experience through time in RL. Great work from Emilio interning at @DeepMindAI
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Oct 16 2019 Sid Jayakumar

Really excited about our latest work showing that large Transformer-XLs can be used in RL agents. We show SoTA performance on DMLab with gated transformers and a few small changes. Led by Emilio as an internship project! @DeepMindAI
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Oct 17 2019 Russ Salakhutdinov

Using large Transformer-XLs for stable training of RL agents. Nice work from Emilio Parisotto’s internship and colleagues at DeepMind.
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Oct 16 2019 Xander Steenbrugge

Transformers now also taking over SOTA from LSTMs in the Reinforcement Learning domain! 🤯😁 Very curious to see this applied to long time-horizon environments like StarCraft, Dota II and more. @SchmidhuberAI is not going to like this 🤣
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Oct 16 2019 Daisuke Okanohara

For memory-augmented RL, the agent with gated transformer-XL (GTrXL) achieves better performance than one with LSTM. Introduced gate (GRU) significantly stabilizes the training by enabling a Markov regime of training at the beginning.
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Oct 16 2019 Aran Komatsuzaki

Stabilizing Transformers for Reinforcement Learning Proposed the Gated Transformer-XL, which surpasses LSTMs and achieves sota results on the multi-task DMLab-30 benchmark suite.
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Oct 16 2019 Caglar Gulcehre

We have shown that it is possible to train very large transformers on RL problems by introducing gating mechanism to stabilize them. It turned out this architecture is very effective on a number of RL benchmarks. As @maxjaderberg pointed out,mostly due to the work done by Emilio.
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Oct 18 2019 arXiv in review

#ICLR2020 Stabilizing Transformers for Reinforcement Learning. (arXiv:1910.06764v1 [cs\.LG])
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Oct 24 2019 Benjamin Singleton

Stabilizing Transformers for Reinforcement Learning #BigData #DataScience
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