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Shortcut Learning in Deep Neural Networks


Melanie Mitchell: Love this example of "unintended cue learning" from

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Melanie Mitchell: Good mantra for AI: "We must not confuse performance on a dataset with the acquisition of an underlying ability." From Geiros et al., Shortcut Learning in Deep Neural Networks

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Sebastian Raschka: Interesting paper arguing that many issues in deep learning can be attributed to shortcut learning (= getting good performance on a prob without actually understanding it; e.g., the classic perceptron for classifying tanks issue Marvin Minsky talked about)

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Denny Britz: This paper on shortcut learning shows why we must carefully inspect results before attributing super-human performance to models. Benchmarks are often solved through shortcuts found in the data or inductive biases, not the underlying ability. arXiv:

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hardmaru: Shortcut Learning in Deep Neural Networks Humans also take shortcuts and cheat in life when we can get away with it. Interesting they mention that ways to overcome shortcut learning for artificial agents might apply to closing loopholes in human systems.

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Wieland Brendel: It is becoming ever more clear that machines use all kinds of shortcuts to solve given tasks, leading to a large range of unexpected behaviours. In we give a thorough overview over this phenomenon & current attempts to overcome shortcut learning.

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Ankur Handa: A fun read on various shortcomings in deep neural networks (perhaps well known by now) which they call as "shortcut learning". The example on rat navigation was interesting to me.

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Catherine Olsson: This isn't a fundamentally different observation from "specification gaming" or "shortcut learning" (, Any time you've specified "what you want", it's game-able/shortcut-able. It needs to adapt to avoid the latest shortcuts. 8/

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Melanie Mitchell: . @bethgelab is doing some of the most interesting work around in understanding deep learning systems.

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arXiv CS-CV: Shortcut Learning in Deep Neural Networks

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Daisuke Okanohara: Shortcuts are decision rules that use unintended features/clues to solve problems. Current ML/DL (and animals) tend to learn shortcuts and cannot generalize to out-of-distribution data (generalize wrongly). o.o.d generalization test is required.

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Carlos E. Perez: It's time to address the elephant in the room for inductive learning. 'Short Cut' learning is a manifestation of Goodhart's Law. This paper proposes a framework to explore this:

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arXiv CS-CV: Shortcut Learning in Deep Neural Networks

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Javier Fuentes: Are we testing our ML models the wrong way? When your test set is in the same distribution than your training set you are blindfolded against what in this new paper call 'Shortcut learning'.

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Jason H. Moore, PhD: Shortcut Learning in Deep Neural Networks HT @rasbt #deeplearning #machinelearning #datascience

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Ken Brucker: Those tricky rats! Also shows how challenging it can be to test the target variable.

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Joel Lehman: Not a bad mantra even beyond AI -- the measure is not the goal: the goal is the goal. Weirdly easy for us to conflate measure/goal, in day-to-day life or as a society (e.g. good grades in school, twitter likes, salary $, GDP as end in itself)

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Today I read: #TIR Shortcut learning in deep networks ( - Super accessible read on how DNNs follow unintended "shortcut" strategies in learning a concept. Networks look for easy solutions. It also draws connections between learning in humans or animals with DNNs. (1/n)

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Biagio Mattia La Rosa: "Science aims for understanding. [..] deep learning as a scientific discipline is still lagging behind in terms of understanding the principles and limitations that govern how machines learn [...]" Great conclusion of the paper written 1/3

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