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Roles for Computing in Social Change


Dec 12 2019 Karen Levy

I am *really* excited about our new paper, Roles for Computing in Social Change, on its way to @fatconference: This paper comes from *years* of thinking and talking among ourselves (me + @red_abebe @s010n @manish_raghavan @dgrobinson Jon Kleinberg) ...
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Dec 11 2019 Rediet Abebe

Our paper "Roles for Computing in Social Change" is up on the arXiv and will be presented at FAT*: with @s010n @karen_ec_levy @manish_raghavan @dgrobinson and the twitterless Jon Kleinberg
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Jan 18 2020 Rachel Thomas

4 ways computational research can help address social problems diagnostic: understand & measure formalizer: shape how problems are defined rebuttal: illuminates what's possible synecdoche: make long-standing problem salient to public @red_abebe @s010n
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Dec 11 2019 David Robinson

💭❓[Thread:] How can the field of computing contribute to social change, without tacitly assuming that tomorrow's social structures will basically resemble the past? ⚡️
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Jan 28 2020 madeleine clare elish @ FAT*

The anthropologist in me worries how much is missed when we study human-AI trust dynamics in the lab, not in real institutional contexts. Maybe we need a “Roles for Lab Experiments in Social Change” paper? Modeled after the must read #FAT2020 paper :)
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Mar 04 2020 Rediet Abebe ረድኤት

.@karen_ec_levy's presentation on our work on roles for computing in social change at FAT*/FAccT is now up: Paper here: Let us know what you think! with @s010n, @karen_ec_levy, Jon Kleinberg, @manish_raghavan, and @dgrobinson
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Feb 03 2020 Nyalleng

I finally read @red_abebe's paper on the opportunities presented by computing over social problems: The more I've embedded myself in ML fairness the more I've realised that with harm that has happened new opportunities have risen.
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Dec 12 2019 James Grimmelmann

Karen is brilliant and anything she writes is self-recommending. So when she says that she’s *really* excited about one of her papers, pay attention!
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Dec 12 2019 Sarah Myers West

A thoughtful and much-needed intervention ✨
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Dec 12 2019 Bethany Hedt-Gauthier, PhD

The second from Dr. Rediet Abebe (@red_abebe) with a fresh piece on how computing can be front and center of social change.
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Dec 11 2019 Jen Raso

Following yesterday's @LCO_CDO discussions on AI and admin decision-making, this paper by @karen_ec_levy @dgrobinson @s010n & coauthors critically assesses the potential and limits of computing for social change. Happy holiday reading! ❄️🤓❄️
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Dec 11 2019 David Robinson

A new paper out today from @red_abebe, @s010n, Jon Kleinberg, @karen_ec_levy, @manish_raghavan and I has some thoughts. -- appearing in FAT* 2020.
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Dec 11 2019 NetScience

Roles for Computing in Social Change. (arXiv:1912.04883v1 [http://cs.CY])
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Dec 13 2019 "i'm going to make them give back our gorilla"

if you're @sbenthall your blog posts are cited by people who write major CS textbooks
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Jan 28 2020 Meredith Ringel Morris

This paper from #FAT2020 is a great read - "Roles for Computing in Social Change" - it discusses four ways in which computing can support rather than supplant change on complex social issues (diagnosis, formalism, rebuttal, and synecdoche)
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Dec 12 2019 John Brugge

Computing as an ally to social change, in ways you might not first think about. Really good stuff to ponder here. Makes me think that @Benetech Service Net fits in this model as a formalizing agent to better help the agencies involved clarify the outcomes they are after.
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Jan 28 2020 Dr. Manuel Portela 🐈 🤷‍♂️

I’m really shocked how presenters at session 6 are talking about trust and trustworthy... Omg! #FAT2020
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