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Rethinking the maturity of artificial intelligence in safety-critical settings


Mark Taflinger: While you are quarantined, watch 60 Minutes tonight. Driverless semi-trucks on American roads with real loads by 2021. #YangGang

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Missy Cummings: The entire self-driving community has failed to grasp that they are trying to field deeply flawed, immature systems that cannot cope with uncertainty, when defense companies have gone down this path, such premature deployments ended in failures, see

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Gary Marcus: A measure of just how hard AI in the real world is

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Matt Farah: This is the word. Uncertainty. Driving is dealing with uncertainty, in real time, at 70 mph. A lot of just being ready for "what if." Exactly the thing computers are fucking terrible at.

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Missy Cummings: @AnimaAnandkumar @GaryMarcus Deep learning and symbolic reasoning both fall very short in replicating the reasoning needed by safety-critical systems w/ embedded AI. What we really need is for *famous* AI academics and practitioners to stop posturing and solve a very real problem

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Missy Cummings: AVs will only be safer in operational domains low in uncertainty (slow, geo-fenced, additional infrastructure for monitoring & control, no bad weather) The technology - both software & hardware - do not exist to get us to safe full self-driving, see

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Jarno M. Koponen: On deep learning and reasoning 💎: “The reason you can’t count on deep learning to do inference and abstract reasoning is that it’s not geared toward representing precise factual knowledge in the first place.” -@GaryMarcus, Rebooting AI #ml #ai

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Missy Cummings: OMG, maybe it's cabin fever but @60Minutes is desperate for ratings in their gushing love of driverless trucks. Seriously, where is their supposed critical insight? NO WAY is this tech going to be ready for nationwide unrestricted release by 2021, see

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E.W. Niedermeyer: Interesting topic. The truth is probably in the middle ground here: AVs will absolutely be safer than humans (that bar is quite low) but they won't be perfect, and we shouldn't let the assumption that they will be justify bad development practices.

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Missy Cummings: Let me gently suggest that you carefully read this AGI will NEVER happen until we figure out how to approximate top-down reasoning which DOES NOT EXIST in any fashion in known AI techniques today. Connectionist/deep learning & symbolic AI can't do this.

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Noel Sharkey: SELF-DRIVING into 16 billion dollar spending and the CARS are still not fit for purpose until billions more spent. We’ve been steered into a hype cycle See who is driving all the spending.

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Missy Cummings: My one must-read piece is this

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Missy Cummings: Love it! Perfect illustration of the insurmountable problems of computer vision that I detail here People who think all camera-vision driverless cars like what @Mobileye proposes is a good idea need to have their heads examined.

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Missy Cummings: Deep learning nor symbolic reasoning can provide expert-based judgment under uncertainty like that needed for the conflicting traffic sign conundrum below. This is critical for AI embedded in safety-critical systems, but very far from reality. See

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Ches | Frank: Traditional driving tests don't apply to AVs because humans are bad at the kinds of tasks machines are good at, & vice/versa. However, @missy_cummings describes a crash resulting from a lack of basic functionality that a driving test would've revealed. 🤔

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William Wallace: “It’s baffling that NHTSA is using its limited resources on changing the rules for the vehicles of the future, when there's so much the agency can do—and hasn’t done—to make cars safer today." @CRAdvocacy in @ConsumerReports cc @Ctr4AutoSafety

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Filip Piekniewski: This article by @missy_cummings is so much needed voice of reason in this AI circus. Such a short and great summary of the elephant in the AI room.

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Tim Almond: One for @missy_cummings, and anyone who thinks self driving is months away.

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Tim Miller: I would double tweet this if there was a double tweet option.

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Andrew: This is very, very good from @missy_cummings talking about the inherent problems of using AI in safety critical situation, y’know, like driving a car Have you read it @kentindell? As the UK pushes into AVs more we need to stop and talk about this!

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Missy Cummings: It would be nice for @NHTSAgov to add some important rules like driverless cars should not be tricked by tape on signs, they should be able to work in low sun angle conditions, they should be able to correctly "see" partially obscured signs, see more at

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Kevin Sharpe: @Carpervert I can highly recommend the work by @missy_cummings if you want to understand more about autonomous system strengths and weaknesses 🤔

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Mark Cannon: @missy_cummings Only a developed AGI will solve this issue. Unfortunately none of the big investment is in true GI.

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Missy Cummings: @willknight @geoffreyhinton what's especially funny is that both approaches fall very short - neither deep learning proponents nor symbolists can get us across the finish line, see

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HotComputerScience: Most popular computer science paper of the day: "Rethinking the maturity of artificial intelligence in safety-critical settings"

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Arthur Holland Michel: Nobody cuts through the AI hype as incisively and knowledgeably as @missy_cummings.

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Dr. S.A. Applin: See Applin and Fischer 2012: 2015: with Riener 2015: 2017: draft:

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Marci Baranski: Why we should be skeptical of AI claims coming from Silicon Valley... more hype than bite. Complex systems are complex, who knew?

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Liza Dixon ⚡️: 🚨 Required reading for self-driving Twitter 🚨 "Rethinking the maturity of artificial intelligence in safety-critical settings" by @missy_cummings 💯 I will add that TRL 6 & TRL7 are prime levels for #autonowashing 🙃

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Missy Cummings: @pfmgmt @60Minutes

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KillingMyCareer: Amen! From Waymo to Tesla, autonomous accidents are underreported & hidden abusively behind false claims of proprietary rights. Consumers have to pass a drivers test, self-driving cars do not! #TheSociopathicBusinessModel #FraudFormula

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