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Representation Learning with Contrastive Predictive Coding


Oriol Vinyals: Rapid unsupervised learning progress thanks to contrastive losses, approaching supervised learning! -40% Multitask SSL (2017) -50% CPC (2018) -70% AMDIM/MOCO/CPCv2/etc (2019) -76.5% SimCLR (2020, so far)

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Aäron van den Oord: Our latest work is out! Representation Learning with Contrastive Predictive Coding (CPC). Autoregressive modeling meets contrastive losses in the latent space. Learn useful representations in an unsupervised way. -> On Audio, Vision, NLP and RL. Arxiv:

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Aravind Srinivas: Self-supervised learning explosion 💥

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Phillip Isola: (2/2) Extends / simplifies "Contrastive Predictive Coding" Main findings: 1. More views —> better reps 2. Contrastive learning outperforms predictive 3. On Imagenet, unsupervised Resnet-101 outperforms supervised Alexnet

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Pierre Richemond: It’s confirmed : the revolution will be self-supervised.

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Smerity: @ID_AA_Carmack Language in different modalities :) The compute for image/video slowed down the transfer of many of the methods but it's happening. Approaches like "Representation Learning with Contrastive Predictive Coding" (@avdnoord et al) seem a good middle ground.

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Blake Richards: @WiringTheBrain @so_evolutionary @GaryMarcus @TonyZador Here's a few recent ones if you're interested:

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Vivek Natarajan: This is really exciting! Vision's BERT moment is closer than ever.

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