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Pushing the Limits of Semi-Supervised Learning for Automatic Speech Recognition


Quoc Le: Pretty amazing progress on speech recognition thanks to pre-training and self-training with unlabeled data. Key ingredients: Large conformer architecture + wave2vec2.0 pretraining + Noisy Student Training Link:

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Loren Lugosch: New SOTA for LibriSpeech using Transducers (+ contrastive pre-training, self-training, and other tricks). Think I might write that Transducer explainer after all.

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Leo Boytsov: It's a WWW (wild-wild-wild) world! Google and Facebook report nearly simultaneously on success in using self-supervision and self-training in speech recognition. Ouch. 1. 2.

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Leo Boytsov: Great improvements in ASR thanks to self-supervised training.

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Ruoming Pang: 1.4%/2.6% on LibriSpeech with Conformer + Noisy Student + Wav2Vec:

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HoxoMaxwell! 🎃: Conformer 👇 Gulati, Convolution-augmented Transformer for Speech Recognition, 2020

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Jim Dowling: Amazing to @quocleix do ablation studies on a 1.1bn param network. In a talk with @sinash93 next month at the @Data_AI_Summit , we will explain how we parallelize Ablation studies using Maggy -

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Daisuke Okanohara: Noisy student training (generate labeled dataset using a trained model, and train a student w/ noise) is also effective in speech recognition tasks, using a giant Conformer (Self-attention+Conv.) model. Achieve new SOTA on the LibriSpeech data set.

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Takuya Yoshioka: Stunning.

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PDF content of a computer science paper: Pushing the Limits of Semi-Supervised Learning for Automatic Speech Recognition