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Politeness Transfer: A Tag and Generate Approach


Jeremy #Masks4All Howard: Amazing! 3 years ago, alum @aman_madaan asked us: "could we apply style transfer to text?" Now, he's done it, with @setlur_amrith @tparekh97 @gneubig @rsalakhu @shrimai_! A model to "politeify" your text :) Paper:

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Shrimai: Our paper, "Politeness Transfer: A Tag and Generate Approach" with @aman_madaan, @setlur_amrith, @tparekh97, Barnabas Poczos, @gneubig, Yiming Yang, @rsalakhu and Alan W Black has been accepted to @aclmeeting #Acl2020 Paper: Repo:

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TechCrunch: CMU researchers develop a an automatic politeness engine for text-based communications by @etherington

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Graham Neubig: Now in #acl2020nlp QA Session: "Politeness Transfer: A Tag and Generate Approach" Happy to answer questions if you're interested in methods to make text more polite!

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James Vincent: Also, fun detail: the algorithm was trained on the Enron Corpus, the database of ~600k emails released as part of the federal investigation Enron. Just imagine if some future AI copywriter tool slowly nudges people towards committing fraud...

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Russ Salakhutdinov: #Acl2020 paper on Politeness Transfer: A Tag and Generate Approach: More importantly, the code and the dataset are available here:

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James Vincent: AI researchers create a politeness filter for text: rude messages go in, polite messages go out. I can imagine textual style transfer applications being added to gmail in the near future, though, arguably, AI autocomplete already does this.

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Aman Madaan: Thanks @jeremyphoward! I learned a lot from the amazing @fastdotai course by you and @math_rachel. The fastai library also helped us in quickly implementing more than 6 text classifiers we needed for evaluating our model.

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Sema Sgaier: SUPER COOL! #ArtificialInteligence that makes you more polite. Scientist have discovered an algorithm an makes your email messages more polite!!! I certainly need this! 😊

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Intento: A curious paper from CMU on text style transfer, to automatically change the text politeness, and also style between factual, romantic and humorous. Trained on 1.39M emails and some other datasets. Code and data available on Github.

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Lauren Golembiewski: Could AI be used to make bot responses more polite? β†ͺ Researchers at Carnegie Mellon created a model that "convert(s) non-polite sentences to polite sentences while preserving the meaning." It was trained on a dataset of emails from Enron πŸ€”

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Sankarshan (@🏑): Politeness Transfer - style transfer in NLP Interesting piece of work. πŸš€

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curios🐝 #BlackLivesMatter #ICantBreath: Interesting study to convert non-polite statements into polite ones. Study based on Enron corpus dataset, and data-driven definition of politeness. #tagandgenerate #machinelearning #ai @CarnegieMellon

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Ramakanth Kavuluru: I have seen sarcasm in the past and now politeness. Can someone do condescension.

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PDF content of a computer science paper: Politeness Transfer: A Tag and Generate Approach