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PointFlow: 3D Point Cloud Generation with Continuous Normalizing Flows


Jul 01 2019 Ming-Yu Liu

Check out PointFlow for point cloud generation video code project Brought to you by @YangGuandao @xunhuang1995 Zekun Hao @SergeBelongie Bharath Hariharan
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Jul 05 2019 Daisuke Okanohara

PointFlow is a generative model of 3D point clouds. It first generates a latent variable for shape and then uses this to define continuous normalizing flow dynamics and generate point clouds following the dynamics. Training can be done with MLE.
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Jul 01 2019 Andrew Davison

Another really interesting looking paper on 3D shape representation. Excellent video and animations!
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Jul 01 2019 Yad Konrad

"Our key insight is that instead of directly parametrizing the distribution of points in a shape, we model this distribution as an invertible parameterized transformation of 3D points from a prior distribution (e.g., a 3D Gaussian)"
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