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ORRB - OpenAI Remote Rendering Backend


Jun 28 2019 OpenAI

We're releasing ORRB (OpenAI Remote Rendering Backend)—a Unity3d-based system that enables rapid and customizable renderings of robotics environments. Paper: Code:
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Jun 28 2019 Greg Brockman

Modern machine learning is driven by building good environments/datasets. We’ve just open-sourced a tool we created for rendering high-quality synthetic robotics data:
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Jun 28 2019 Arthur Juliani

Glad to see this finally out in the wild! The system OpenAI used to train their reacher robot from last year - Uses Unity for domain randomization.
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Jun 28 2019 Wojciech Zaremba

We release ORRB - Unity based rendering engine. Sim2real with orrb gave us gigantic boost of performance.
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Jun 28 2019 Lilian Weng

This is really cool. You should give it a try if you are training vision models on simulated images 😎
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Jun 28 2019 Peter Welinder

We built a fast rendering tool for robotics environments. We use it quite extensively at @OpenAI for training perception models for our robotics systems.
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Jun 28 2019 Machine Learning

ORRB -- OpenAI Remote Rendering Backend.
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Jun 28 2019 Jonathan A. Michaels

If you want to transfer offline robotic training to online control, check this out.
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