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OpenSpiel: A Framework for Reinforcement Learning in Games


Aug 27 2019 DeepMind

We're excited to release OpenSpiel: a framework for reinforcement learning in games. It contains over 25 games, and 20 algorithms, including tools for visualisation and evaluation. GitHub: Paper:
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Aug 27 2019 Marc Lanctot

Happy to share a project that has been in the works for a while: OpenSpiel, a framework reinforcement learning, optimization, and search/planning in games.
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Aug 29 2019 Jack Clark

Can someone please go to @DeepMindAI and give the person behind the OpenSpiel 'phase portraits' an "accidental AI paper art" prize? These are fantastic! Read more: OpenSpiel: A Framework for Reinforcement Learning in Games
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Aug 28 2019 Marc G. Bellemare

From DeepMind and in particular my long-time colleague @sharky6000 (he taught me AI! and made me use Java), OpenSpiel aims designed to make it easy to benchmark various methods on games (as in: game theory, multiagent). Curious to see how more recent RL methods fare on these!
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Aug 27 2019 Brennan Saeta

@jekbradbury and I and others have built a #SwiftLang for @TensorFlow port that is also included in the release. To find out more about Swift OpenSpiel and other RL libs in the #S4TF ecosystem, please join Friday's design review at 9am pacific (1600 UTC)!
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Aug 27 2019 Dominik Grewe

Including #S4TF versions of some games and algorithms!
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Aug 27 2019 Brad Larson

“There is also a branch of pure Swift in the swift subdirectory.”
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Aug 27 2019 Karl Tuyls

We released OpenSpiel today. A great project lead by these wonderful people: @sharky6000 @fzvinicius @EdwardLockhart Check it out!
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Aug 28 2019 Kirk Borne

🌟@DeepMindAI releases OpenSpiel framework for #ReinforcementLearning in games, with over 25 games and 20 #algorithms, including tools for visualisation and evaluation: GitHub: Paper: ——— #AI #MachineLearning #BigData #DataScience
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Aug 27 2019 Game Theory Games

OpenSpiel: A Framework for Reinforcement Learning in Games by deepmind:
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Aug 27 2019 Stephen Pimentel

OpenSpiel: A Framework for Reinforcement Learning in Games
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Aug 27 2019 Michal Šustr

Deepmind just released Openspiel, a library that tackles very similar things to what we've been developing at CTU. Hopefully this will lead to fruitful collaboration!
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