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Object-Centric Learning with Slot Attention


Thomas Kipf: Excited to share our work @GoogleAI on Object-centric Learning with Slot Attention! Slot Attention is a simple module for structure discovery and set prediction: it uses iterative attention to group perceptual inputs into a set of slots. Paper: [1/7]

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Thomas Kipf: Happy to learn that our work on Slot Attention has been accepted for spotlight presentation at @NeurIPSConf!

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Thomas Kipf: We have released the code for Slot Attention (incl. pre-trained model checkpoints on CLEVR) Code: NeurIPS camera ready:

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Francesco Locatello: Super excited to share what I’ve been working on in the past months during my internship at Google Brain in Amsterdam: "Object-Centric Learning with Slot Attention" @GoogleAI [1/7]

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Thomas Kipf: SCOUTER: An explainable image classifier using a modified version of Slot Attention by Liangzhi Li et al. (Osaka University) SCOUTER: Slot Attention:

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Alexandr Kalinin: There is already a #PyTorch implementation of the Slot Attention module:

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Francesco Locatello: We have finally released the code for Slot Attention (+ some checkpoints) and updated the paper! Code: #NeurIPS2020 camera ready:

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Francesco Locatello: Really cool to see Slot Attention powering explainable image classifiers! When writing the broader impact statement for #NeurIPS2020, we were hoping to see developments in this direction. I'm thrilled Liangzhi et al. did it.

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Andrew Davison: Slot attention sounds like an interesting concept for structure discovery.

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Anirudh Goyal: I liked this work by @thomaskipf and @FrancescoLocat8. They use RIM style slot based top-down attention, with the caveat that all the "slots" share the same parameters (via recurrence also, and that provides equivariance). I'm glad you guys tried it! :)

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Peter Steinbach: Does this mark the ☀️rise of unsupervised segmentation? Would love to try this with scientific data opposed to natural scenes! Volunteers? @martweig @uschmidt83 @sagzehn @helmholtz_ai @noreenwalk @haesleinhuepf Still crawling this if multiple instances of a single class work too.

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Sungjin Ahn: So excited that we have @thomaskipf as our invited speaker in the ICML Workshop on Object-Oriented Learning (WOOL)! Looking forward to the talk! Join the ICML WOOL!

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Patrick Emami: Transformer-like attention can be used for perceptual grouping! We saw it used prev for learning patch-like object-part representations via capsules in SCAE. This approach seems to lose IODINE’s translation equivariance tho—important for sequences 🤔

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SLAM-Hub: Object-Centric Learning with Slot Attention (Under review) Paper :

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Daisuke Okanohara: Slot attention is a map from N input feature vectors to K output vectors (slots) using dot-product attention and iterative routing (c.f., capsule), and is input-perm. invariant and output-perm. equivariant, ideal for representing a set of objects.

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