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Neural reparameterization improves structural optimization


Sep 28 2019 hardmaru

Neural networks for optimizing structural designs. Cool work!
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Sep 28 2019 Jascha

Neural reparameterization improves structural optimization! By parameterizing physical design in terms of the (constrained) output of a neural network, we propose stronger and more elegant bridges, skyscrapers, and cantilevers. With shoyer@ samgreydanus@
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Sep 28 2019 Stephan Hoyer

I'm happy to share a new paper, with @jaschasd and @samgreydanus: "Neural reparameterization improves structural optimization" We use neural nets to parameterize inputs of a finite elements method, and differentiable through the whole thing:
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Oct 15 2019 Frank A. Krueger

When you ask a neural network to optimize the structure of tall buildings, it invents trees.
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Dec 13 2019 Stephan Hoyer @ #NeurIPS

I'll be presenting this work with @samgreydanus and @jaschasd tomorrow morning (Friday Dec 13) at 11:30am at the NeurIPS Deep Inverse Problems workshop (
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Sep 28 2019 Benjamin Pope

Gothic architecture came from the genius of stripping away stone where it was in tension - what cybergothic architecture will we get from the dreams of neural networks?
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Sep 28 2019 Sam Greydanus

Our latest project is on arXiv! We explore the use of the “deep prior” for reparameterizing physics problems. It was a pleasure working with @jaschasd and @shoyer on this
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Sep 28 2019 Daisuke Okanohara

CNNs provides better parameterization for structural optimization (c.f. deep prior); inductive bias toward simpler and more effective structures. Backprop the error through the transformation at the optimum point using implicit differentiation.
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Sep 28 2019 NIDHAL SELMI - نضال السالمي

Neural Nets design stronger structures. Add 3D printing robots to this (already done in Amsterdam) and you get a picture of some future capabilities.
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Oct 15 2019 Stephan Hoyer

@praeclarum @jeremyphoward I agree! Optimizing complex simulations with auto-diff is a really powerful idea. We did some recent work in this area using neural networks to reparameterize structural optimization:
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Oct 15 2019 Suvy Bo

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Oct 24 2019 Shawn Presser

I'd love to see neural network videogame level design. Someone do it!
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Oct 16 2019 Alexander Kyte

So what you're saying is that tree houses are provably optimal engineering?
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