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Neural Decipherment via Minimum-Cost Flow: from Ugaritic to Linear B


Nando de Freitas: Machine learning to automatically translate long-lost languages

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Ben Sprecher: Holy shit, and of course. We now have the ultimate Rosetta Stone. NN for automatic decipherment of lost languages: - Ugaritic, +5.5% vs. SOTA. - the first automatic deciphering of Linear B (related to ancient Greek), correctly translates 67.3%

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Peter Gainsford: So, this is making news: automated 'decipherment' of ancient languages, touting a 67.3% success rate with Linear B. Thing is, they're not deciphering languages. The project is much more limited: they take a SCRIPT and compare it to a known language.

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Ancient History Encyclopedia: Linear B Script was the #writing system used by the Mycenaean civilization. Examples of this script have been recovered from late Minoan II contexts in Crete and Mycenaean IIIA-B contexts in mainland Greece. #History

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Ben Cartlidge: We already have machines that can learn how to decipher Linear B. They're called "people". Some if not most of them work at things called "classics departments". Talk to them. They'll be able to translate any Linear B you're having issues with.

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MIT Technology Review: Researchers have developed a machine-learning system capable of deciphering lost languages.

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Jens Notroff: Ah, the burden of bold headlines again (or subheadlines in this case) ... Important notes regarding recent tech news about the automated 'deciphering' of dead languages in this short thread (spoiler: it's only as good as the data basis accumulated by human research 🤷‍♂️).

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Ben Cartlidge: Sob/lol/scream Tech people, PLEASE STOP DOING THIS.

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Simon de la Rouviere: Was waiting for this to happen! Machine learning to decipher patterns in lost languages. 😍 Imagine deciphering all this? At least pushing the needle?

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Hacker News: Deciphering Linear B with AI

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Gordon Brander: 🐳 this, but for whales. “We propose a novel neural approach for automatic decipherment of lost languages.”

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Therfer: #Linguistics and #MachineLearning Work in

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space octopus: this is actually pretty cool, even if you don't know what it's about. trust me. it's cool.

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IntuitionMachine: Really cool research using neural networks to decipher 'lost human languages': #deeplearning #ai

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Robert (Munro) Monarch: Interesting new paper applying Machine Translation to Linear B. But is it really a "lost" language? It's Ancient Greek and the script was deciphered 50+ years ago. Maybe @linearb has an opinion?

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Seth Largo: "In this paper we propose a novel neural approach for automatic decipherment of lost languages." Mode correctly translates Linear B cognates at 67%. h/t @dpinsen

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rogueclassicist: Thread 🔻🔻

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Poornima Farrar: Leveraging #unsupervised #machinelearning for deciphering lost languages:

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