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Monte Carlo Gradient Estimation in Machine Learning


Jun 26 2019 Shakir Mohamed

Exited to share our new paper: 'Monte Carlo Gradient Estimation in Machine Learning', with @elaClaudia @mfigurnov @AndriyMnih. It reviews of all the things we know about computing gradients of probabilistic functions. 🐾Thread👇🏾
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Jul 19 2019 Shimon Whiteson

I highly recommend this excellent survey paper on gradient estimation.
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Jul 06 2019 Been Kim

Gradients are important for interpretability! This is a very accessible, high quality review/tutorial on how to estimate them, with code!
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Jun 26 2019 Statistics Papers

Monte Carlo Gradient Estimation in Machine Learning.
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Jun 26 2019 Joey Bose

Wow this is perhaps the best review of stochastic gradient estimators I've ever seen. Definitely, a must read for all people in doing VI, RL, and other cool ML stuff.
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Jun 26 2019 Mihaela Rosca

I really enjoyed working on this review paper with my amazing co workers! So much to learn!
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Jul 23 2019 Shakir Mohamed

After a short delay, the code in a notebook to reproduce the graphs in section 3 of our paper ( is online. More to be come soon. See thread above👆🏾. 👩🏾‍💻
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Jul 05 2019 Debasish (দেবাশিস্) Ghosh 🇮🇳

a wonderful survey of stochastic gradient estimators by @shakir_za and team Very neat derivations using simple probabilistic tricks and clear explanations. Summary in this twitter thread
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Jun 26 2019 ML Review

Monte Carlo Gradient Estimation in Machine Learning [59pp] By @shakir_za @elaClaudia @mfigurnov Survey of methods for Monte Carlo gradient estimation: the pathwise, score function, and measure-valued gradient estimators.
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Jul 19 2019 Sourav Mishra

“One paper to review them all” Very exhaustive survey of Gradient Estimation!
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Jun 27 2019 Jiaxin Shi

Cool survey of Monte Carlo gradient estimation. Also thanks for including our log density gradient estimators! @shakir_za
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Jun 26 2019 Emtiyaz Khan

I thank @shakir_za and colleagues to write this wonderful paper about gradient estimators. Difficulty of estimating these is one of the main reasons behind the difficulties in many fields such as Bayesian inference, RL etc.
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Jun 26 2019 Matias Quiroz

This goes to the top of my to-read-list!
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Jun 27 2019 Colin Carroll

Love when papers come with threads like this, especially the photo-tour of highlights!
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Jul 14 2019 Rory Quinn

A survey of methods for Monte Carlo gradient estimation #machinelearning
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