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Model Cards for Model Reporting


Jeff Dean: Great to see more transparent and interpretable ML models & tools being made available via @GCPcloud. Particularly excited that Model Cards, which started as a @GoogleAI research project by @mmitchell_ai et al. are part of this (

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Thomas Wolf: Current status: adding model cards for the 63 (!) pretrained models in 🤗 Transformers library 👉 more transparent reporting on models' capabilities, limitations, uses... Read (@mmitchell_ai @timnitGebru et al.) for details. Example (from this paper)👇

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Timnit Gebru: @mmitchell_ai did not waste any time putting me to work! Excited for my first of hopefully many collaborations with her and many others. Model Cards for Model Performance is analogous to Datasheets for Datasets :)

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DPManchee: @jovialjoy @StanfordHAI How to identify bias in models / datasets ? Adopt ideas from Mitchell et al (2018), "Model Cards For Model Reporting", ? Discussed more here at a @stanfordnlp lecture,

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HotComputerScience: Most popular computer science paper of the day: "Model Cards for Model Reporting"

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Arvind Narayanan: Oops, wrong link to "Model Cards for Model Reporting" earlier in the thread (link goes to "Datasheets for Datasets" instead). Correct link: I meant to say that Datasheets for Datasets is *also* a great paper on how to do ML in a more responsible way :)

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Tracy Pizzo Frey: *Tracy stay professional* *Tracy you are an adult* *Tracy take a deep bre--* OMG I AM SO EXCITED I CAN'T HOLD IT IN THIS JUST HAPPENED

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Hugo Bowne-Anderson: I’m pretty excited about this, particularly the incorporation of Model Cards for Model Reporting, which is one of my fave papers of the ~past year (thanks @mmitchell_ai @timnitGebru et al; & thanks to @mikeloukides for introducing me to the paper).

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Marcus East: One of the barriers to the adoption of AI has been the opaqueness of its inner workings — this announcement will help to improve transparency and interpretability, critical in decisions connected with financial services, law enforcement and medicine. #google #googlecloud #ai #ml

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Larissa Schiavo: Idea (for the graphic design gifted): model cards for trained machine learning models (see paper)... ... made into physical cards, designed like baseball cards. AI people give them to other AI people and trade them.

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Joseph Futoma: Great to see Model Cards ( picking up steam at Google! h/t @jackclarkSF from his always-informative ImportAI newsletter! Looking fwd to when this is standard & reqd across field, like @TRIPODStatement (@GSCollins have u seen MCs?)

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andrea panizza: Learnt today about Datasheets for Datasets by @timnitGebru et al. and Model Cards for Model Performance by @mmitchell_ai et al. both sound like very good ideas. Are they used in practice?

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Data Nutrition Project: .@mmitchell_ai @DrLucyWasserman @timnitGebru et al. advocated for a framework of transparent model reporting to accompany trained ML models as a step towards responsible AI works in their paper We're glad to be referenced in your work!💫

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Marcel Fröhlich: Besides data transparency, #GDPR also requires algorithmic transparency for automated decisions. Most of that is a metadata exercise. The missing piece is usually the actual trained model, in case of #ML #algorithms. Here is a way to tackle that, too:

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mauro_iker: Model Cards: Explainable model reporting to document any trained #MachineLearning model #XAI #ExplainableAI #ArtificialIntelligence #AI #Standards #DeepLearning #DL #NeuralNetworks #NN #ComputerVision #NLP

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Mia Dand: @lizjosullivan A1. Here is a great example of Model Cards for Model Reporting by @timnitgebru Margaret Mitchell and others #AIEthics #TwitterChat #Transparency #Explainability

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