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Model Cards for Model Reporting


Jeff Dean: Great to see more transparent and interpretable ML models & tools being made available via @GCPcloud. Particularly excited that Model Cards, which started as a @GoogleAI research project by @mmitchell_ai et al. are part of this (

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hardmaru: ☝️ This is how models trained on Celeb-A might perceive the world. If you’re looking to learn more about tackling ML bias, I recommend checking out the work on “Model Cards” by @mmitchell_ai et al.

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Thomas Wolf: Current status: adding model cards for the 63 (!) pretrained models in 🤗 Transformers library 👉 more transparent reporting on models' capabilities, limitations, uses... Read (@mmitchell_ai @timnitGebru et al.) for details. Example (from this paper)👇

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hardmaru: I’m by no means an expert on ML bias+fairness and I think it’s one of the most challenging research areas. But whenever I can, I try to listen to what people working in this area are saying, and try to understand some of the nuances to expand my worldview.

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Grady Booch: @AnimaAnandkumar @reddit @alexisohanian @OpenAI @timnitGebru @mmitchell_ai Fantastic. Thank you for the rapid response. A link for those who want to learn more about model cards:

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DPManchee: @jovialjoy @StanfordHAI How to identify bias in models / datasets ? Adopt ideas from Mitchell et al (2018), "Model Cards For Model Reporting", ? Discussed more here at a @stanfordnlp lecture,

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Rachel Thomas: Some practical tools you can use towards tech ethics: @ShannonVallor @mmitchell_ai @EricPSB @megyoung0

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HotComputerScience: Most popular computer science paper of the day: "Model Cards for Model Reporting"

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Arvind Narayanan: Oops, wrong link to "Model Cards for Model Reporting" earlier in the thread (link goes to "Datasheets for Datasets" instead). Correct link: I meant to say that Datasheets for Datasets is *also* a great paper on how to do ML in a more responsible way :)

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Dr. Angelica Lim: Took some time in my Machine Learning lecture today to talk about "Datasheets for Datasets" and "Model Cards for Model Reporting" by @timnitGebru Are you teaching your students this? @officialAAAC

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Kai-Wei Chang: @AnimaAnandkumar @VioletNPeng @OpenAI This reminds me of "Model Cards for Model Reporting" by @timnitGebru @mmitchell_ai etal -- "released models should be accompanied by documentation detailing their performance characteristics"

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Tracy Pizzo Frey: *Tracy stay professional* *Tracy you are an adult* *Tracy take a deep bre--* OMG I AM SO EXCITED I CAN'T HOLD IT IN THIS JUST HAPPENED

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Vincent D. Warmerdam: Never heard of this paper before but it's got a cute idea. Just like you've got an ISO standard spec sheet when you buy a television screen, maybe you can also make those for machine learning models. Model Cards for Machine Learning.

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Marcus East: One of the barriers to the adoption of AI has been the opaqueness of its inner workings — this announcement will help to improve transparency and interpretability, critical in decisions connected with financial services, law enforcement and medicine. #google #googlecloud #ai #ml

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Hugo Bowne-Anderson: I’m pretty excited about this, particularly the incorporation of Model Cards for Model Reporting, which is one of my fave papers of the ~past year (thanks @mmitchell_ai @timnitGebru et al; & thanks to @mikeloukides for introducing me to the paper).

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Larissa Schiavo: Idea (for the graphic design gifted): model cards for trained machine learning models (see paper)... ... made into physical cards, designed like baseball cards. AI people give them to other AI people and trade them.

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Joseph Futoma: Great to see Model Cards ( picking up steam at Google! h/t @jackclarkSF from his always-informative ImportAI newsletter! Looking fwd to when this is standard & reqd across field, like @TRIPODStatement (@GSCollins have u seen MCs?)

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Bugra Akyildiz: Very nice paper regarding responsible usage of machine learning models: I like the structure of model cards and how it is divided into different parts through concerns/use cases.

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Amy Tabb @ 🏠: @colinraffel @timnitGebru And "Model Cards for Model Reporting" paper afterwards ...! Margaret Mitchell, Simone Wu, Andrew Zaldivar, Parker Barnes, Lucy Vasserman, BenHutchinson, Elena Spitzer, Inioluwa Deborah Raji, Timnit Gebru abs: pdf:

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Data Nutrition Project: .@mmitchell_ai @DrLucyWasserman @timnitGebru et al. advocated for a framework of transparent model reporting to accompany trained ML models as a step towards responsible AI works in their paper We're glad to be referenced in your work!💫

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andrea panizza: Learnt today about Datasheets for Datasets by @timnitGebru et al. and Model Cards for Model Performance by @mmitchell_ai et al. both sound like very good ideas. Are they used in practice?

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Carol Smith: Also use the "Datasheets for Datasets" markdown template to support your #DataScience work and the people who use the data - thanks @timnitGebru and @_josh_meyer_ #ethics #AIEthics #AI #ML h/t @lh3com

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mauro_iker: Model Cards: Explainable model reporting to document any trained #MachineLearning model #XAI #ExplainableAI #ArtificialIntelligence #AI #Standards #DeepLearning #DL #NeuralNetworks #NN #ComputerVision #NLP

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Mia Dand: @lizjosullivan A1. Here is a great example of Model Cards for Model Reporting by @timnitgebru Margaret Mitchell and others #AIEthics #TwitterChat #Transparency #Explainability

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Marcel Fröhlich: Besides data transparency, #GDPR also requires algorithmic transparency for automated decisions. Most of that is a metadata exercise. The missing piece is usually the actual trained model, in case of #ML #algorithms. Here is a way to tackle that, too:

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Max 🤪: @justinnhli If haven't seen it already, Model Cards ( cover many fundamental questions you should be asking in regards to releasing your algorithm

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