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Meta-Learning with Implicit Gradients


Sep 11 2019 Chelsea Finn

It's hard to scale meta-learning to long inner optimizations. We introduce iMAML, which meta-learns *without* differentiating through the inner optimization path using implicit differentiation. to appear @NeurIPSConf w/ @aravindr93 @ShamKakade6 @svlevine
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Dec 10 2019 Chelsea Finn

We're presenting our work on meta-learning with implicit differentiation @NeurIPSConf Come find us at the Tuesday evening poster session #47, tomorrow 5:30-7:30 pm.
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Sep 11 2019 Sergey Levine

This paper presents a way to use MAML with any inner loop optimizer, differentiable or not, via the implicit function theorem. This makes MAML even more general, and allows for some interesting analysis.
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Sep 12 2019 Sham Kakade

Excited to share this new work:
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Dec 10 2019 Sergey Levine

RAIL talks @ #NeurIPS2019 today: 4:10pm (Ballrm A) Causal Confusion 4:45pm (Ballrm A) GMPS: 5:30pm posters @michaeljanner MBPO #192 @aravindr93 iMAML #47 causal confusion #174 GMPS #42
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Sep 14 2019 Daisuke Okanohara

Meta-learning requires inner-loop optimization for each task, and implicit differentiation can the gradient directly from the solution. (iMAML) Similar idea is also proposed in hierarchical Bayesian meta-learning setting.
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