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Meta-Learning through Hebbian Plasticity in Random Networks


Sebastian Risi: @enasmel and myself are excited to announce our paper "Meta-Learning through Hebbian Plasticity in Random Networks" Instead of optimizing the neural network's weights directly, we only search for synapse-specific Hebbian learning rules. Thread 👇

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Sebastian Risi: Congratulations to @enasmel for his (and my!) first accepted #NeurIPS paper! 🎉 We added an experiment that shows that Hebbian networks can also sometimes generalize to robot morphologies not seen during training. PDF: Code:

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Kenneth Stanley: Intriguing demonstration of the potential of Hebbian plasticity in large networks at #NeurIPS. Congrats @risi1979 and @enasmel!

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Timothy O'Hear: A thought provoking paper that shows that back-propagation isn't the only game in town. It's very well written and will pull you down a rabbit hole where neuroscience and deep learning converge in unexpected ways.

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Elias Najarro: Excited to finally share our work on meta-learning Hebbian networks. Instead of being static, the weights of the Hebbian network evolve dynamically during the lifetime of the agent allowing it to keep on learning through weights self-organisation.

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Elias Najarro: Our work on Hebbian random networks was accepted at NeurIPS 🤖 Code to train them on any Gym environment 👇

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Noah Guzmán: This is big

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Adam Safron: Does this relate to work by DeepMind (described in the Matt Botvinick interview with Lex Fridman, linked below) in which meta-learning spontaneously happens in RNNs, given sufficient shared task structure across training epochs? @lexfridman @DeepMind

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Maxwell Ramstead: Wow

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Marcel Fröhlich: Wow! Getting closer.

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Sebastian Risi: @EnricGuinovart @WiringTheBrain That's really cool! @WiringTheBrain, we recently showed that random weights and Hebbian learning can allow high-performing RL agents and we will now focus on evolving developmental rules.

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PDF content of a computer science paper: Meta-Learning through Hebbian Plasticity in Random Networks