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Meta-learning of Sequential Strategies


May 09 2019 Pedro A. Ortega

Very excited about our new @DeepMindAI tech report with @janexwang and colleagues! Memory-based meta-learning leads to Bayes-optimal sequential prediction strategies - the memory tracks the sufficient statistics. See here:
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May 09 2019 Nando de Freitas

Awesome metalearning paper by Pedro Ortega showing how memory based neural agents do amortised sequential Bayes ⁦@AdaptiveAgents⁩
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May 09 2019 Jane Wang

Excited this is finally out! Worth a read if you wanted a bit of insight into how meta-learning with LSTMs leads to Bayes-optimal and sample efficient sequential strategies. Learned so much from @AdaptiveAgents who led this work!
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May 21 2019 Simon Osindero

In work led by @AdaptiveAgents and @janexwang, we have a new tech report out on meta-learning -- looking at memory-based meta-learning through the lens of Bayes-optimal predictions.
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May 10 2019 Alex Matthews

Interesting work from my colleagues @DeepMindAI on Bayes optimality of agents in sequential problems.
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Jul 25 2019 𝔊𝔴𝔢𝔯𝔫

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May 09 2019 cs.LG Papers

Meta-learning of Sequential Strategies. Ortega et al.
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