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Mesh R-CNN


Jun 07 2019 Justin Johnson

I'm excited to share our new paper that jointly detects objects and predicts 3D triangle meshes in real-world images, called Mesh R-CNN. With Georgia Gkioxari and Jitendra Malik
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Jun 07 2019 hiroto

Pix3D dataset for single-Image 3D shape modeling, which is used in the Mesh R-CNN paper. Mesh R-CNN:
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Aug 15 2019 Montreal.AI

Mesh R-CNN Gkioxari et al.: #ArtificialIntelligence #DeepLearning #MachineLearning
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Jun 07 2019 Or Litany

check out this awesome work from colleagues at @facebookai !
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Jun 07 2019 Джон, просто Джон

Neverhood filters coming to AR camera app soon.
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