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Making the Invisible Visible: Action Recognition Through Walls and Occlusions


Sep 23 2019 roadrunner01

Making the Invisible Visible: Action Recognition Through Walls and Occlusions pdf: abs:
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Sep 23 2019 Eric Jang

I love this ambitious crossover research: Remember that cool MIT CSAIL work where they used RF signals (e.g. WiFi) to see people through walls? Now combined with neural network goodness!
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Oct 10 2019 Elliot Turner

Remember the Kinect? In 2010 you needed a specialized depth camera to detect human body pose. In 2015 w/ deep neural networks all you needed was RGB cameras. Now? ...we can see people through walls using nothing but ambient RF emissions from your Wi-Fi router #thefutureisweird
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Sep 23 2019 Janelle Shane

Using scattered RF signals to guess at the skeleton and then matching to one of 29 possible actions - works in the dark, even through walls. Soon: silly walks and elaborate costumes as antisurveillance techniques?
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Sep 23 2019 Memo Akten

Yes, this is real rsrch that is happening. Justified as crucial for autonomous car safety, to see around corners; behind buses, lorries etc. Many ppl find this awesome & exciting. I rly don't want to be a grumpy old f, but yes, be prepared for this future
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Sep 23 2019 Daniel Whitenack

#ai can find you, even if you're hiding behind walls...
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Oct 10 2019 Shital Shah

It turns out that you can use ambient WiFi signal not only to figure out if there is someone inside the room across the wall who you can’t see but also events like someone petting, handshaking or kicking! Amazing paper from MIT CSAIL:
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Sep 23 2019 Bhashithe Abeysinghe

OMG let me bookmark this with a retweet
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Oct 10 2019 Elliot Turner

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Sep 23 2019 IntuitionMachine

AI can see you even if you hide behind a wall: . Treat this message as a warning! #ai
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