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LVIS: A Dataset for Large Vocabulary Instance Segmentation


Aug 09 2019 Agrim Gupta

We have released LVIS v0.5 dataset for long tail object detection with 1200+ categories and 700k+ high quality instance segmentation masks Paper: Website: API: with Ross Girshick and Piotr Dollar @facebookai
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Aug 09 2019 Justin Johnson

I'm super excited about the new LVIS dataset from my colleagues @facebookai -- I hope it will do for low-shot recognition what COCO has done for object detection!
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Sep 25 2019 Facebook AI

LVIS Challenge updates! - The evaluation server is now live: - Our arXiv paper includes baselines and analysis: Enter by 10/13 at -- looking forward to seeing your entries at @ICCV19.
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Sep 24 2019 Agrim Gupta

First LVIS Challenge @ ICCV 2019 is now live. We have updated the paper to include baselines and analysis. Paper: Challenge: with Ross Girshick and Piotr Dollar @facebookai
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Aug 13 2019 Salim Chemlal

A cool new dataset by Facebook for instance segmentation
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