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Limitations of adversarial robustness: strong No Free Lunch Theorem


Apr 23 2019 Elvis Dohmatob

Caution: There will be likely No Free Lunch in #ICML2019 ! My theoretical paper on the impossibility of adversarial robustness accepted :) Please RT :) Slides: Preprint:
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Dec 18 2019 Maxim Raginsky

Katalin Marton, an amazing probabilist and information theorist, has passed away. She was the first (and, so far, only) woman to get the Claude E. Shannon Award from @ieee_itsoc 1/3
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Jun 19 2019 Elvis Dohmatob

1/ Apparently, I'm ranked 6th in the obscure tail of single-authors @ #ICML2019 / @icmlconf. Ashok Cutkosky from Google is 1st. Welcome to the Darkside! See reddit (r2drkqkkeix21.png) for full post. Slides: Paper:
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May 23 2019 Elvis Dohmatob

In case you're in Paris on the 28th, I'll be giving an hors-serie presentation of some recent work (on adversarial examples) at the Paris ML meetup. Register here: Ref: @bardolfranck @IgorCarron
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May 24 2019 Criteo AI Lab

With 5 papers accepted at @icmlconf we are looking forward to meeting, sharing and breaking new ground with the community in Long Beach! #icml2019
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May 09 2019 Daniel Bilar

@cigitalgem @SaumyaJetley See re ML adversarial robustness: Strong No Free Lunch Theorem by @dohmatobelvis "sharp & definitive limit to the amount of robustness that can be guaranteed" A #ICLR2019 paper IIRC
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May 29 2019 Elvis Dohmatob

2/ My fundamental work (yes it, generalizes everything known on the subject) on the general impossibility of adversarial robustness makes heavy-duty use of his ideas, and extensions thereof developed by @VillaniCedric in the 2000's (HWI inequalities).
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Jun 01 2019 Arthur Charpentier 🌻

"Limitations of adversarial robustness: strong No Free Lunch Theorem"
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