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Limitations of adversarial robustness: strong No Free Lunch Theorem


Apr 23 2019 Elvis Dohmatob

Caution: There will be likely No Free Lunch in #ICML2019 ! My theoretical paper on the impossibility of adversarial robustness accepted :) Please RT :) Slides: Preprint:
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Jun 19 2019 Elvis Dohmatob

1/ Apparently, I'm ranked 6th in the obscure tail of single-authors @ #ICML2019 / @icmlconf. Ashok Cutkosky from Google is 1st. Welcome to the Darkside! See reddit (r2drkqkkeix21.png) for full post. Slides: Paper:
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May 23 2019 Elvis Dohmatob

In case you're in Paris on the 28th, I'll be giving an hors-serie presentation of some recent work (on adversarial examples) at the Paris ML meetup. Register here: Ref: @bardolfranck @IgorCarron
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May 24 2019 Criteo AI Lab

With 5 papers accepted at @icmlconf we are looking forward to meeting, sharing and breaking new ground with the community in Long Beach! #icml2019
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May 09 2019 Daniel Bilar

@cigitalgem @SaumyaJetley See re ML adversarial robustness: Strong No Free Lunch Theorem by @dohmatobelvis "sharp & definitive limit to the amount of robustness that can be guaranteed" A #ICLR2019 paper IIRC
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May 29 2019 Elvis Dohmatob

2/ My fundamental work (yes it, generalizes everything known on the subject) on the general impossibility of adversarial robustness makes heavy-duty use of his ideas, and extensions thereof developed by @VillaniCedric in the 2000's (HWI inequalities).
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Jun 01 2019 Arthur Charpentier 🌻

"Limitations of adversarial robustness: strong No Free Lunch Theorem"
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