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Learning Representations by Maximizing Mutual Information Across Views


Jul 09 2019 Devon Hjelm

Latest version of #AMDIM, a self-supervised method that gets 68% unsupervised Imagenet+linear probe classification, far outstripping prior and recent results by 7%+ with a fraction of the compute Code: by @philip_bachman and @wbuchw
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Jul 15 2019 David Krueger

If you're in ML, you've probably heard about BigBiGAN because of the DM PR machine. But you may not have heard about this paper by @philip_bachman et al. that came 4 days later and crushes their results.
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Jun 04 2019 Devon Hjelm

Our work extending Deep InfoMax by maximizing MI across views is out! We achieve SOTA on several unsupervised + linear probe benchmarks, including impressive results on Imagenet with a fraction of the computation of competitors
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Sep 03 2019 Devon Hjelm

Our paper on augmented multiscale DIM (AMDIM), the self-supervised model that is SOTA on unsupervised imagenet + supervised linear probe by 7%, was accepted as a poster at NeurIPS Lead by @philip_bachman with Will Buchwalter
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Jul 17 2019 Daisuke Okanohara

They improved self-supervised representation learning on local Deep InfoMax significantly by using 1) independently-augmented versions of each input 2) multiple scales simultaneously 3) powerful encoder with controlled receptive filed
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Jul 16 2019 Christian Szegedy

Amazing new self-supervised training method for visual models.
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Dec 10 2019 Devon Hjelm

@ylecun Don't forget AMDIM, which achieved over 68% in Imagenet pertraining + linear probing 6 months ago and will be at @NeurIPSConf Thursday East Exhibition hall B+C #32!
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Jul 26 2019 William Buchwalter

Pre-trained models for AMDIM ( are now available:
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Jul 28 2019 Adam Trischler

If you'd like to play with some powerful, pre-trained image representations (learned via self-supervised methods and computationally reasonable), check these out!
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Jul 10 2019 Ankesh Anand

Exciting progress in unsupervised representation learning! Seems like the pendulum has swung towards contrastive methods again.
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Jul 16 2019 IntuitionMachine

Self-supervised learning by maximizing mutual information between arbitrary features extracted from multiple views of a shared context. #deeplearning #selfsupervised
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