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Oct 14 2019 Sanjeev Arora

Workshop: "Theory of Deep Learning: Where Next?" at the Institute for Advanced Study, Tuesday--Friday this week. Amazing schedule of talks! Registration is closed (sorry), but follow livestream here
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Oct 08 2019 will knight

Yoshua Bengio, one of the pioneers of deep learning, now wants to his algorithms to ask 'why' things happen:
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Dec 30 2019 rosemary ke

We have released our code for "Neural causal learning from unknown interventions" here The paper is here joint work with Olexa Bilaniuk, @anirudhg9119, @hugo_larochelle, @chrisjpal, Yoshua Bengio
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Oct 09 2019 rosemary ke

Our recent papers on learning neural causal models from unknown interventions featured on Wired, (,
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Oct 03 2019 Anirudh Goyal

New work out. Learning Neural Causal Models from Unknown Interventions. Work led by @rosemary_ke. Joint work with Olexa Bilaniuk, Stefan Bauer, @hugo_larochelle , Chris Pal, Yoshua Bengio. @MILAMontreal. A short summary:
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Oct 06 2019 rosemary ke

Our new work on learning Neural Causal Models from unknown interventions! In the real world, interventions are also not always performed by an experimenter. They can be performed by other agents, or by environmental changes in unknown ways and hence are unknown to the model.
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Jan 03 2020 Elias Bareinboim

1/12 Brdly spk, assuming one can infer the effect of an intervention when experimental data matching exactly this intervention is available is not surprising, causally-speaking. Why? There's no cross-rung inference, but a typical function approx exercise. This is Judea's main...
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Oct 10 2019 Anirudh Goyal

Our recent work on learning neural causal models featured on Wired (,
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Oct 15 2019 rosemary ke

Attending the IAS workshop, will be presenting our work on neural causal learning from unknown interventions. 😃
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Nov 29 2019 MONTREAL.AI

Learning Neural Causal Models from Unknown Interventions Nan Rosemary Ke, Olexa Bilaniuk, Anirudh Goyal, Stefan Bauer, Hugo Larochelle, Chris Pal, Yoshua Bengio : #CausalModels #MachineLearning #ArtificialIntelligence
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Dec 30 2019 rosemary ke

A talk about our paper can be found at Yoshua's NeurIPS 2019 keynote lecture. The video and slides are available at
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Dec 23 2019 Vincent Boucher 🕊

Pre-Debate Material Learning Neural Causal Models from Unknown Interventions Ke et al.: #AIDebate #MachineLearning #ArtificialIntelligence
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Dec 14 2019 Anirudh Goyal

@rosemary_ke will be talking in Causal Learning workshop #NeurIPS2019 Learning Neural Causal Models from Unknown Interventions. Joint work with Olexa Bilaniuk, Stefan Bauer, @hugo_larochelle, @chrisjpal, Yoshua Bengio. @MILAMontreal Give us feedback! :)
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Oct 09 2019 Danilo J. Rezende

Nice paper from @rosemary_ke et al!
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Dec 27 2019 Stanisław Jastrzębski

@yudapearl @GaryMarcus @moultano What precisely do you mean by "mathematical impossibility"? Causal graph can be inferred if observations are sampled using different random interventions. Such inference can be done using DL Then CI can be done on top using another DL model
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Dec 22 2019 Anirudh Goyal

See, also the followup to this led by @rosemary_ke : )
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Dec 14 2019 rosemary ke

The poster session is happening now
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