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Sam Greydanus: 1/5 Introducing “Lagrangian Neural Networks” Blog: Paper: We show how to parameterize arbitrary Lagrangians and learn them with neural networks. Work done w/ with @MilesCranmer @shoyer @PeterWBattaglia @DavidSpergel @cosmo_shirley

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Miles Cranmer: 1/10 Very excited to present Lagrangian Neural Networks, a new type of architecture that conserves energy in a learned simulator without requiring canonical coordinates. w/ @samgreydanus, @shoyer, @PeterWBattaglia, @DavidSpergel, @cosmo_shirley:

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Simone Scardapane: *Lagrangian Neural Networks* 1/4 Minimalist, beautiful paper and experiments. They model a generic Lagrangian with a neural net, then use it to integrate the dynamics of the system itself. Code in #JAX is almost as beautiful as the paper!

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Ryan Reece: To philosophers concerning the scientific realism debate: this is a way to make manifest that certain models are "true" descriptions of the data independent of us. Neural nets can find them.

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Statistics Papers: Lagrangian Neural Networks.

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Shirley Ho: Proud of our new architecture that conserves energy in a learned simulator. Wonder what kind of #physics and #RealWorld problems we can solve with this new architecture? @MilesCranmer @samgreydanus @shoyer @PeterWBattaglia @DavidSpergel

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federica bianco 🔭👊: Should we just replace publishing with twitter threads? This thread is clear + gives a great overview of the paper. Ok, I still want to read the paper for details, but THIS is what I mean when I tell my students your figures+captions should tell the whole story! #scicomm

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matthew miller: Recently did myself, or sort of. Had to derive the Lagrangian for a relativistic Schrödinger-like equation. Required knowledge of higher order Largrangians but ultimately hacked my way through to a solution. Interesting it can be automated, though this algorithm does much more...

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PDF content of a computer science paper: LAGRANGIAN NEURAL NETWORKS