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Aidan Hogan: Check out our comprehensive introduction to Knowledge Graphs, aimed at both newcomers and non-newcomers alike! ( The paper arose from a Dagsthul seminar held in September 2018 and draws together diverse topics & perspectives regarding Knowledge Graphs.

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ML Review: “Knowledge Graphs” — 130-page comprehensive introduction to knowledge graphs led by @aidhog, contributed by 15 researchers, and with 500+ references.

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Ben Lorica 罗瑞卡: Knowledge Graphs 👉 a comprehensive introduction

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Anisa Rula: Our new tutorial paper on #knowledgegraphs is out. Find details of managing the life-cycle of knowledge graphs such as #datacreation #dataenrichment #dataquality #datapublication #datalifecycle

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Sören Auer: Would be great if we could use @orkg_org for describing the #KnowledgeGraph state of the art as a knowledge graph ;-)

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Steffen Staab: The first stop now if you have a question about #KnowledgeGraphs

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Knowledge Graph Conference: "The lineage of #knowledgegraphs can be traced back to the origins of diagrammatic forms of #knowledge representation: a tradition going back at least to Aristotle (∼350 BC)" 1/14) @Cornell @dagstuhl

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paco nathan: Pretty good intro to KGs in theory and practice. Nice to see a survey paper that covers embeddings, axioms, etc., while explaining caveats about property graphs. Graph analytics is a bit light, but that's too much to survey in a paper.

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Juan Sequeda: Kudos to our leader @aidhog who spearheaded & championed this article for over a year! This is basically a short and comprehensive book on #KnowledgeGraph Enjoy!!

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KnowGraphs ITN: A must read for everyone interested in understanding Knowledge Graphs: A comprehensive introduction to Knowledge Graphs! ( The paper has been co-authored by several researchers of the #KnowGraphs consortium.

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George Anadiotis: Introduction to #knowledgegraphs: graph-based #datamodels & query languages. The roles of schema, identity & context. Methods for creation, enrichment, quality assessment, refinement, publication. #opendata #enterprise KGs #applications, future #research

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Tim Finin: A new 131-page tutorial paper by 16 established researchers gives a "comprehensive introduction to knowledge graphs" and their history, underlying principles, techniques, applications and more. It grew out of a 2018 Dagstuhl Seminar on #KnowledgeGraphs.

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Connected Data London: Introduction to #knowledgegraphs: graph-based #datamodels & query languages. The roles of schema, identity & context. Methods for creation, enrichment, quality assessment, refinement, publication. #opendata #enterprise KGs #applications, future #research

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Jose E. Labra Gayo: You can read our tutorial about #knowledgeGraphs leaded by @aidhog with contributions by @evabl444 @michaelcochez @cldamat @gdm3000 @SabrinaKirrane @sebneum @AxelPolleres @RNavigli @NgongaAxel @AnisaRula @lschmelzeisen @juansequeda @ststaab @MonsieurAZ

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Sarven Capadisli: Content of this contribution is ++ Its representation - in PDF - on the other hand.. "Publishing refers to making the knowledge graph [..] accessible [..] over the Web. Knowledge graphs published as open data are then called open knowledge graphs." ∴ This article is not a KG

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Lobsters: Knowledge Graphs #ai #databases #education

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Hacker News 100: Knowledge Graphs (

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Adnan Masood: Knowledge Graphs - Everything you ever wanted to know, a comprehensive introduction #KnowledgeGraphs #EnterpriseKnowledgeGraph #creation #enrichment #quality #refinement #dataModels #query #schema, #identity #context @arxiv #AI #ML

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MONTREAL.AI: Knowledge Graphs Hogan et al.: #ArtificialIntelligence #Databases #MachineLearning

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Diego López-de-Ipiña: Extensive exhaustive thorough tutorial on Knowledge Graphs and its associated open research areas, a must for those interested on #WebOfData #SemanticWeb, well done @jelabra et al.

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Jiahao Chen 🗽: Working my way through this monumental survey of knowledge graphs, and pausing to admire the semantic typography

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Lukas Schmelzeisen: Glad to present the Knowledge Graph tutorial paper that I (and many others) worked on over the last year: Being co-authored by some very prolific Semantic Web folks, it constitutes a community consensus on previously contentions concept definitions of KGs

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Stratos Kontopoulos: #KnowledgeGraphs #tutorial

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Josef Šlerka: [2003.02320] Knowledge Graphs

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Knowledge Graph Conference: Acknowledgements @aidhog @evabl444 @michaelcochez @lschmelzeisen @ststaab @AxelPolleres @RNavigli @dagstuhl @juansequeda @gdm3000 @RutgersU @jelabra @sebneum 13/14)

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Semiring Inc.: A nice tutorial on Knowledge Graphs, something we can help you with:

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Jason H. Moore, PhD: a comprehensive introduction to knowledge graphs #graphs #netsci #database #bioinformatics

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