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Kervolutional Neural Networks


May 25 2019 David Berthelot

Kervolutional Neural Networks I've wanted to test this idea for a while, I'm glad someone did. It's not clear to me how to implement it in Tensorflow. Any idea?
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May 06 2019 ML Review

Kervolutional Neural Networks #CVPR2019 w/ @MarsJianfei Kernel Convolution via Kernel Trick achive higher accuracy and faster convergence than baseline CNN
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May 02 2019 Meltem 🧠 👩‍💻

so inspiring paper would love to learn more!
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Apr 21 2019 Bryan Anenberg

Kervolutional Neural Networks - Generalizes the convolution op via the kernel trick to add increased model capacity, stronger expressibility, and better generalization while not introducing additional parameters. @cvpr2019 #CVPR2019 #CVML
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