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Involutive MCMC: a Unifying Framework


Max Welling: A simple framework that unifies many well known MCMC algorithms. If you read this you can clean up your brain to make place for new stuff (useful for when you are over 50).

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Kirill Neklyudov: Our #icml2020 paper "Involutive MCMC: a Unifying Framework" is now available on arxiv It describes many MCMC algorithms from a single perspective. Work with @wellingmax, @eeevgen, Dmitry Vetrov

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Bayesian Methods Research Group: Another paper we'll be presenting this week at #ICML2020 is Involutive MCMC which unifies and extends many previously known MCMC methods. Visit the poster at today at 8pm UTC or tomorrow at 8am UTC. Arxiv link:

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Mathieu Alain: Definitely something to put on my reading list!

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PDF content of a computer science paper: Involutive MCMC: a Unifying Framework