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Identifying Emotions from Walking Using Affective and Deep Features


Jul 02 2019 DataScienceNigeria

By your walking style, Artificial Intelligence can know if you are happy, sad, angry or neutral Great work on emotion recognition based on deep features learned via LSTM on labeled emotion datasets + psychological characterization for affective features
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Jul 02 2019 hardmaru

Would be a fun RL experiment to train a humanoid agent to walk and also trigger a specific emotional signal from this pretrained network.
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Dec 19 2019 Sanjay Kamath

@mer__edith They also built an emotion identification based on walking styles. 🤭
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Jul 03 2019 Janelle Shane

I'm so excited to see this application happen though:
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Jul 02 2019 Hannah Godofsky 💃🏼

Interesting, but I'm guessing this doesn't work so well if you run the same study at a physical therapy center
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