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Human information processing in complex networks


Jun 04 2019 Dani Bassett

Just up on arXiv from @ChrisWLynn "Human information processing in complex networks" w/@ari_e_kahn & L Papadopoulos, combining information theory & cognitive science to quantify the information that humans receive from complex communication systems.
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Jun 04 2019 Chris Lynn

"Human information processing in complex networks" finally up on the arXiv ( w/ @ari_e_kahn, Lia Papadopoulos, and @DaniSBassett. We use tools from information theory and cognitive science to study how complex networks communicate with humans (1/n)
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Jun 06 2019 The Warren Center for Network & Data Sciences

.@DaniSBassett, @ChrisWLynn, @ari_e_kahn, and Lia Papadopoulos develop an analytical framework to study the information generated by a system as perceived by a human observer in their recent preprint. @pennbioeng @PennEngineers @Penn
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