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How to do Research At the MIT AI Lab


Danfei Xu: How to do Research At the MIT AI Lab (1988). Almost all advices are still valid more than three decades later. Highly recommended.

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Asir Saeed: "All research involves risk. If your project can't fail, it's development, not research. What's hard is dealing with project failures. It's easy to interpret your project failing as your failing; in fact, it proves that you had the courage to do something difficult."

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Michelle Lee: “Writing useful comments on a paper is an art.” One of the ways I track my growth as a researcher is tracking how helpful I am when giving paper and presentation feedback. Corollary: I really admire researchers who ask good questions and give insightful feedback.

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Kriegeskorte Lab: You, too, can be a cool people...

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Dimitris Chrysostomou: Wonderfully written and highly recommended indeed! Thanks for sharing @danfei_xu!

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Karl Hansen: This helped me a bunch when starting my PhD. Definitely worth a read!

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