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Hijacking Routes in Payment Channel Networks: A Predictability Tradeoff


Oct 21 2019 CoinDesk

Bitcoin's #lightningnetwork could be vulnerable to a simple and disruptive attack, a research paper finds. @AlyssaHertig reports.
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Sep 29 2019 Mihailo Bjelic

Nice paper on LN routing. Findings: 1. Centralization: - 5 nodes participate in 60% of the routes - 10 nodes -> 80% of the routes - 30 nodes -> 95% 2. Hijacking potential: - by creating 5 new channels, an attacker can hijack 65% of the routes - 30 channels -> 80% of the routes
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Sep 19 2019 Aviv Zohar

Our paper on Hijacking Routes in Payment Channel Networks: tl;dr: in today's #LightningNetwork it's not too hard to grab a large fraction of the payments (and deny service). With @SaarTochner & @schmiste78 cc @ct_univie @CseHuji @HUJICyberLaw
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Oct 22 2019

I have just read a new study about the #BTC Lightning Network. Nearly 80% of all routes pass through only 10 nodes. It is easy and cheap to commit a DOS attack. I believe in real decentralization so I am with #Cardano. #blockchain $ada $btc $eth $xrp
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Oct 22 2019 Aviv Zohar

Our recent work on routing attacks in the lightning network got some coverage from coindesk. paper link cc: @schmiste78 @SaarTochner
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Sep 20 2019 Steve Patterson

Another new problem with the Lightning Network. BTC is simply a failed project, ruined by devs who treated it as a science project. There's no reason to replace proven, reliable tech (on-chain tx's) with speculative, insecure tech. Big-block Bitcoin is the answer.
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Feb 27 2020 Aviv Zohar

We just published a Medium post explaining this paper. This is the second paper on #LightningNetwork to come from our lab recently, and more are in the pipeline! ⚡️⚡️⚡️
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Sep 19 2019 Emin Gün Sirer

An overlooked attack vector on cryptocurrencies with high value in payment channels a.k.a. Layer-2.
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Oct 21 2019 Tony "ABOLISH ICE" Arcieri

Sometimes I feel like certain cryptocurrency researchers missed the memo where the game theoretic properties of a cryptosystem are not supposed to be exciting for attackers to explore
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Oct 22 2019 Emin Gün Sirer

Excellent work from @Avivz78 's group on a simple attack on the Lightning Network. This will not be the last attack on LN routing.
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Sep 29 2019 Tony "ABOLISH ICE" Arcieri

Interesting attack on the Lightning Network
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Sep 20 2019 ~C4Chaos

REMINDER: next time Bitcoiners shill the awesomeness of #LightningNetwork, politely point them to this academic paper on #Lightning. then don’t forget to use this hash tag: #LightningAttackVector™️ 🤷🏻‍♂️⚡️
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Sep 17 2019 Game Theory Papers

Hijacking Routes in Payment Channel Networks: A Predictability Tradeoff.
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Sep 19 2019 David Johnson

Academic paper describing the simplicity of hacking lightning network and stealing funds.
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Sep 20 2019 ~C4Chaos

@APompliano um, yeah. and there’s this thing about #Lightning 🙄⚡️ Hijacking Routes in Payment Channel Networks: A Predictability Tradeoff
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