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Hamiltonian Neural Networks


Jun 10 2019 Sam Greydanus

My most recent @GoogleAI residency project is out: "Hamiltonian Neural Networks" Blog: Paper: Starting from noisy (pixel) data, we can learn _exact_ conservation of energy-like quantities.
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Dec 02 2019 Alfredo Canziani

«Hamiltonian NN» uses a physical invariance (conservation of total energy) to reduce the variance of NN and get better generalisation for physical systems by training the net's *input gradients*! This, coupled with an (why not convolutional?) AE can be used directly on pixels!!!
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Dec 02 2019 Kyunghyun Cho

a very nicely written blog accompanying the paper (h/t @alfcnz )
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Dec 11 2019 John Platt

You can create a recurrent neural network out of a symplectic integration of a Hamiltonian, which learns physics from noisy examples. HT Leon Bottou at #NeurIPS . Based on by @samgreydanus
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Dec 03 2019 Daisuke Okanohara

Hamiltonian Neural Network uses Hamiltonian mechanics as inductive bias and learns a Hamiltonian-like scalar function in an unsupervised manner, s.t the dynamics follow the gradients of the learned scalar function. Trains faster and generalizes better
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Dec 09 2019 Sam Greydanus

[1/3] I’ll be in Vancouver at #NeurIPS2019 this week! I’m presenting my paper “Hamiltonian Neural Networks” (coauthors @jasonyo and Misko Dzamba) 👨‍🔬 Poster session (Thurs Dec 12, 5-7pm, Exhibition Hall B + C #67): Thread:
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Dec 10 2019 Jason Yosinski

@oh_that_hat @lanjanice @savvyRL 3/ Thurs 5:00 pm, poster #67. Hamiltonian Neural Networks, by @samgreydanus with Misko Dzamba. Bonus: shirt giveaway (designer: Misko)!
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Aug 10 2019 Vincent Boucher 🕊

"Hamiltonian Neural Networks" Greydanus et al.: Blog: #Hamiltonian #NeuralNetworks #UnsupervisedLearning
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Aug 07 2019 Charles Fisher

@vijaypande Nice paper Vijay. Here's another physics + ML paper from a few weeks back that I really liked: Hamiltonian Neural Networks
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