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Grounded Language Learning Fast and Slow


Felix Hill: #GPT3 from @OpenAI showed an emergent ability in large neural language models for rapidly acquiring and using new words. We develop an agent that does this in a simulated 3D environment. 1/N

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DeepMind: Recent large neural language models have shown an emergent ability to rapidly acquire and use new words. Our researchers developed an agent that does this in a simulated 3D environment.

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Connor Leahy: This paper (by @FelixHill84 et al) is really an "It's all coming together" moment for @DeepMind I feel. Let me try to describe my takeaways from my first readthrough. 1/14

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Shawn Presser: DeepMind trained a Transformer in a 3D environment to recognize and manipulate specific objects it learns about on the fly. It has an external memory, meaning it can remember new objects with no training. "Grounded Language Learning Fast and Slow" arxiv:

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Edgar Xi: Deepmind is literally playing 3D chess

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Andrey Kurenkov 🤖: Very cool to see this! Interesting to see the inspiration from cognitive science and human experiments in how this AI agent was built, and awesome to see the results of that application being pretty strong.

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Hip Priest: Nifty - NLP language acquisition model...

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PDF content of a computer science paper: Grounded Language Learning Fast and Slow