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Gradient Estimation with Stochastic Softmax Tricks


Chris J. Maddison: Stochastic Softmax Tricks: We generalize the Gumbel-Softmax, and introduce new tricks for backpropping through all kinds of random discrete objects: spanning trees, subset selection, & more ( First authors @mbpaulus, @damichoi95.

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will grathwohl: HOT SHIT ALERT

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Thomas Kipf: With Stochastic Softmax Tricks (, Neural Relational Inference can be used to discover other forms of latent structure, such as spanning trees. Figure from the Stochastic Softmax Tricks paper.

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Dr Simon Osindero: Very cool! Further expanding the set of backprop-able building blocks for model architectures.

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HotComputerScience: Most popular computer science paper of the day: "Gradient Estimation with Stochastic Softmax Tricks"

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arXiv in review: #NeurIPS2020 Gradient Estimation with Stochastic Softmax Tricks. (arXiv:2006.08063v1 [stat\.ML])

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