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Geometric Capsule Autoencoders for 3D Point Clouds


Dec 11 2019 Russ Salakhutdinov

Capsules may replace ConvNets one day.
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Dec 11 2019 Nitish Srivastava

Happy to share our recent work, "Geometric Capsule Autoencoders for 3D Point Clouds." The main idea is that instead of finding agreement among parts of an object, we find agreement among different views of the object.
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Dec 11 2019 Russ Salakhutdinov

New work on Geometric Capsules: Learning to group 3D points into parts & parts into the whole object in unsupervised way. Each capsule represents a visual entity consisting of a pose & feature representing "where" & ''what'' it is. w/t @nitishsr & @Hanlin
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Dec 11 2019 Hanlin Goh

Check out our latest work on modeling the "what's" and "where's" of objects and parts with geometric capsule representations from 3D point clouds. (with @nitishsr & @rsalakhu)... I'm at #NeurIPS2019 all week if you want to chat about it!
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Dec 11 2019 Hanlin Goh

Have a look at our recent work with @nitishsr and @rsalakhu on learning geometric capsule representations of objects from 3D point clouds - ... wanna chat about it? Look me up at @NeurIPSConf
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Dec 11 2019 Antoine Choppin

Reminds me of @JeffCHawkins 's Thousand Brains Theory as he talked about in @lexfridman AI podcast
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Dec 11 2019 Josh Susskind

Capsules are all you need ;-)
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