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Generative Adversarial Nets


Jan 15 2019 Ian Goodfellow

4.5 years of GAN progress on face generation.
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Oct 28 2019 Xander Steenbrugge

Emtremely excited to finally share a side-project I've been working on for the past few months: Neural Synesthesia, visualizing music with #GANs! So many ideas left to explore, this journey is just getting started.. More HD renders on my new YT channel:
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Jun 17 2019 Gene Kogan

4.5 years of GAN progress, visualized to scale (modified from
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Sep 18 2019 Alex Zhavoronkov

We will soon show this in molecules :)
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Jan 29 2020 Ben Bartlett

GANs were first proposed by @goodfellow_ian et al in this 2014 paper: A GAN is a system of two competing neural networks - a "generator" and "discriminator" - which are trained against each other (hence "adversarial" learning). [2/5]
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Feb 22 2020 Amy

Day 8 of #100DaysOfCode Cold day, perfect for reading.🥶I finished ch 3 in #DeepLearningIllustrated about Machine Art (created by neural networks!). Then I challenged myself to review the seminal paper that introduced GANs to the #datascience community:
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Jun 22 2019 Eric S

4.5 years...
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Jul 05 2019 Tanmay Vakare

@udacity @facebook @100DaysOfMLCode #100DaysOfMLCode Day 4: #60daysofudacity Studied Generative Adversarial Networks Implemented simple GAN
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